The perfect dead

Kill Them Before Dinner~

Safely with my family


Stuffed animals lying in the rubbled of a bombed-out building
Photo by In collaboration with Onur Burak Akın via unsplash

So you want to blow them to eternity
You want to send them all back
Back to whensfort they came
all the time professing
it's not hate it's
about your liberty

You quoting:
The Art Of War
never realizing
it's about avoiding the need to fight
Are you certain
you can stand the sight after the fight
When finally emerging
from the comfort of your basement
only to find babies brains
on the pavement

Directing your global politics
from the safety and comfort
of your delusions
Your social media base
shooting hot searing metal
through the tender flesh of children
boiling their insides
long before the exit wound is seen
continuing even after the velocity
has slowed

Take timeout for religious respecting
After all
no self respecting christian
would kill on the Sabbath
even if the victims be infidel
And my dead is better than your dead
and your dead is better off dead

10,000 children
sent to meet their maker
And I’m home in time for supper
Say grace!
My children are here with their parents
I sent 20,000 of theirs to be with them
Merciful father
bless us your only children
Thy will was done today

The saddest truth for me to say

I never thought there would come a day
When I would be happy walking away
For if this be salvation
taking comfort in eradication
the only sinful act in play
is for me to have stayed




Anthony Cloe Huie (Choose Living Over Existing)
The Bad Influence

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