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Oh Man, You Ignorant People — Still Freaking Out over COVID-19

Don’t you know that this is just an everyday bug, one of the microbes that make up more than half of our bodies?

Spanish Flu — part of our heritage. . . . Public Domain,

Yeah right, this current coronavirus could possibly kill you. Then again, something’s going to kill you some day anyway. But if you could vaccinate against all the viruses and bacteria and fungi in your body — that would quickly kill you. The scientific evidence is solid on this subject: you need to be filled with these alien bugs. You are filled with them! In fact, yes fact, you are made of them.

This whole fear of death — the right to life thing you all seem to believe in — is a very recent way of thinking for people, or better said, is a way of not thinking straight. In part, you’ve all been pushed into this position by powerful forces, but for god’s sakes, can’t you think your way out of this box?

The only guarantee out there is the same one as always: you don’t have any right to life — in fact you’re guaranteed the right to die, and nothing more. If you want happiness in your life, you’ve gotta create it yourself. And the mega-billionaires who think they can achieve eternal life (along with Christians who think the same) — it ain’t gonna happen. They can go to Mars and die sooner, or stay in their bunkers and die a little later than the rest of us.

Only their fucking A.I. robot-servants will live on, not eternally, but maybe for a few billion years. They won’t mind the lack of oxygen, the lack of clean water, extreme weather, or the 10 meters the oceans have risen. They’re not stupid — they’ll have set themselves up to survive.

Unlike what the humans did and didn’t do.

In a functional way, COVID-19 has not caused any excess deaths. That is to say, there has been no alteration in the population curves in any country on Earth. The general fear of covid is misplaced. More American people have died in past decades of opioid overdoses than coronaviruses. And Spanish Flu? Oh, boy — now that one had an effect on population curves. That’s what we actually need right now, not this survivable Covid-19.

The plagues in previous centuries also radically changed the population curves. Significant percentages of all people on Earth died in those epidemics. (I don’t like the word “pandemic.” It doesn’t always apply. It’s a lazy label, or manipulative.)

Don’t any of you people read about these things? Do you have any reasoning abilities at all? Well, I’d give up, but I guess I won’t. But jeez, why celebrate your ignorance? You do that you know.

Those who ignore me, and those who dispute Umair Haque and other visionaries, or simply ignore the good scientists, are going to eventually die in ignorance. I guess that’s what they want, or it’s the default result of their religions or whatever stupidities they hold dear.

Meanwhile, Umair Haque is probably earning good money from his writing, and he knows that he’ll not likely live to spend it:

Here’s what Scientific American had to say about viruses:

It’s not that hard to find data to educate yourself about your microbiome and its essential nature:


P.S. I don’t get paid by Medium or anybody else. That doesn’t bother me, but sheesh! Since Panamá is explicitly excluded from places you can live and get paid by Medium, I write at my own expense. And Medium won’t even comp me for my $5 per month membership, which at times they cancel when my bank (in the U.S.) screws up.

Anyway, the point being, as an unpaid writer I can be insulting at times to the readers, who are mostly American. Good or bad? Who’s to say? I do have a good readership.



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