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Resolving the Sixth Mass Extinction of Life on Earth

Thrifty Words Theme Challenge #19: Resolutions

Photo by steven tillack on Unsplash

Medium writers know from resolution. It’s how to put the finest points on a picture without blowing up the internet.

Scientists know. Same idea: the finest points of reasoning or observation.

Resolution is critical these days for understanding why our world is crumbling.

(I’d resolved to be gone by then.)

I don’t know exactly why I’ve been so resolutely writing about the end of humanity. I think the extinction has begun, sure. But in a way, nothing has changed. Everybody dies one way or another. My strongest feeling is anger at people’s magical thinking, especially optimism. Optimism perhaps isn’t bad per se, but when it’s untrue or ‘inappropriate’ — that bothers me.

Well, the realm of people who think like me is a very small realm. Makes sense: most humans on Earth are, and always were, religious. I’ve never liked them, but I’m not allowed to kill them anymore. (I’ll always have Pascal — he was good with God and still stood for science.)

Here’s the one (1) writer who does justice to the risks of magical thinking, Shavaun Scott:

Credit where due, the promptress, Jonica Bradley:

Here’s a writer I’m hoping will keep writing. She’s already great, and speaks from her heart, and . . . take a read. Tina Hope:

Thank you readers . . . FRED



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