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The Bad Influence

The Emergency mRNA Booster Protocol

Unfortunately, it’s not a new Jack Johnson band

Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Unsplash

Omigod! Omicron.
Here it comes. Who‘d’a thunk?
Another shot. The media blitz.
Pass the remote. Take another hit.

30 spike mutations! Who’s to blame?
Those anti-vaxxers have foiled the game!
Or maybe it’s the folks from very poor nations
Who (because of corporate greed) can’t even get a vaccination?

This virus mutates. They always do.
And that’s why they want to put those booster shots in you.
The best defense just might turn out to be
A body strong, and a mind healthy.

Or else every year, with each new season,
You’ll have to upgrade your codes to avoid social treason.
And viral mutations will all need their own shot,
When your own natural immunity can no longer do squat.

We coevolved alongside the virome,
from long before we crafted synthetic biomes.
The shot is just a piece of code.
It gets outdated and doesn’t work when it’s old.

Your body can produce an antibody
That responds real-time, in real life.
This means when the virus mutates again,
You’re not coming to the gunfight with a knife.

Maybe we should stop being so afraid of dying?
And then we could better decipher the lying
Of people in power with insurmountable greed
Who play the world to get what they think they need.

The variants will keep coming.
This I know to be true.
So will the fearmongers
who keep crying wolf!

The world is NOT a safe place to live.
I don’t know why we try to pretend that it is?
This life is for living and dying and everything between.
So for now, just enjoy yourself and your dreams.

© Kaia Tingley December 2021





We’re a Bad Influence because we INCITE change through inclusion, thought and creativity. We imagine a world where people can think critically, express themselves, and thumb their nose at the status quo, together.

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Kaia Maeve Tingley

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