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The Bad Influence

The Philosophy Of Captain James Hook

“Smee, I’ve just had a sublime vision. All the jagged parts of my life have come together to form a complete an mystical… whole.” — Captain James Hook

As we know, metaphorical teachings can be found everywhere if one has the will and the sight to look for it. Most certainly and undoubtedly we shall find these reminders and lessons in specific places and scenarios, indeed unexpectedly. Interestingly one of our fundamental tasks in life is to caress our own memory and identity and on that very occasion when it lays thrown away and abandoned, we are ought to draw a line that leads us back to it. Most of us are unlucky and are bound to live behind a mask that was forced upon and entirely burnt on to the surface of the bare skin.

The removal process of these visages are most of the time requires a sort of sacrifice. But in what form this practice manifests?

As many of us exists as diverse are the alternatives.

We are lucky and gifted to live, breathe and wake up day by day but as unsettled creatures we are, the moment of confronting the looking glass comes upon all of us. We glance at the mirror and see a figure, a mere shadow of our neglected self. Upon observing the darkening hollows under our eyes and the thinning skin laying on our skulls, we release a deep sigh.

It’s time to find our way back to ourselves.

A magical practice of self-reassurance and self-observation process begins. We place multiple mirrors in front of us to convince the mind, that what we see is really what’s there. By choosing to believing the picture projected to us, we magnificently deceive our very brains. Next, we implement a costume to our whole picture and look down on our false kingdom of artificial lies. It’s a simple substitution of what we are unable to bear: our true forms.

Also to capture our environment and involve it in our destructive process becomes a natural habit of the story. Our surroundings then have no other choice, but to play along and struggle. They fight for us then eventually they proceed by fighting against us. The anger, self-pity and our hunger for attention consumes everything around us with its acidic fluidity that reaches to every corner. A long tunneled dark bottomed burrow lays in front of us where we are glad to jump down with open arms and shut eyes. We do not even wish to see our downcast journey. Only then when we reach the rear, our eyes open slightly. We peak out from the darkness, thought to be abandoned temporarily.

Lie? Me? Never. The TRUTH is far too much fun. — Captain Hook

When we have forgotten and have refused to perform introspection, life does it for us.

Life storms inside the door bringing the winds of change. A hurricane of thoughts, realizations swirl, setting the cognitive processes in motion.

Due to an external source we are gaining a deeper insight on who we actually are, who we have pretended to be and what were and are the reasons to it. Suddenly a heavy weight collapses down and rumbles to the ground from our shoulders. If some of us become lucky enough, we get to reach down to our very core where it has all started out: at our childhoods.

We learn that human beings are the most fragile creatures in the world and when their fear guides them, they become capable of the utmost powerful of destruction. Fear pushes us to bury a complete structure of a life, a determinative event and parts of our personalities. It drives us to wars and makes us build atomic weapons. It also carries the consequence of losing hope. And when there is no hope, there is nothing.

We stand our guard and face our fears and repressions. It is, but the hardest task to begin.

How are we going to survive the dry confrontation with ourselves? Perhaps, if we’d remember who we are, that could be a start.

Presumably we’d be able to swing the sword of magic in our hands and suddenly remember how to fly. That’s perhaps the key. To remember. And never to forget.

To be completely aware of our values and the things we hold dear. After all, what is the essence of life if not that? What more purpose of life could bear other than loving and understanding? Taking the most profound meanings of these two simple words, of course.

What do we do when part of our personality is sobbing and reaching out to us for help? Do we listen? If yes, how?

The choice to respond is on our hands. We can choose to live in ignorance or we can take the shovel and with sweat and blood being to dig deeper and deeper.

Only after multiple attempts of near-death events, and various out-of-body experiences we begin to understand that we are so incredibly sensitive that our thin skin is just a metaphor of how fragile our very spirit is. The heart then shrinks and drops of tears start to pour down on our cheeks. By understanding the weakness of our being, we gain the furthermost of strength.

As Robin Williams, a spectacular artist dances and flies across our eyes we understand how one can sacrifice its existence to the art of life. How subtle and frail that is.

“I have waited long to shake your hand with this. Peter Pan, prepare to meet thy doom!” — Captain Hook

“Dark and sinister man, have at thee.” — Peter Pan

Off with the coat! Now life has forced out to kneel with bare skin uncovered and stripped from the painted picture we have carried on our surface. The soul trembles and a sensation of loosing our dignity begins. We are naked. Our environment, let that be just one single person finally sees who we are and what we have been hiding. From under the thick layer of defensive coating a delicate and broken entity comes forth. A child, hurt and tormented.

The deformities are keep trying to prevail, but shortly they will cease to exist. There shall be nothing left, only our bare and unsheathed selves.

There is an eternally flowing and morphing magic to our existence which should guide our every step and gestures of our hands. We shall caress the faces of our loved ones and attend our terribly important matters, which is to take very good care of ourselves. As long as we are gifted with existence and our world is not a cruel dark pot, we have the ability to shed our layers and stand up.

After all, we are surely been there crouching in the carpet searching for our lost marbles and believing that we have gone mad. What if it’s not really us but the world? What if, in fact there is absolutely nothing wrong with us, we have been just compelled to believe that very fact? What if the world is not that grim and dark, we have been just simply used to see it that way?

For what powers foulness has, if we decide to overlook it?



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