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What to Do?

Fifty Word Challenge #83: Time

My own photo of my brats; Whiskey and Brandy

I lost Dad in November of 2021. Now that I’m not his caregiver anymore, what am I supposed to do with my time?

Some thoughts:

Grow my own. Write about it. Hone my skills in the pool hall. Write about that. Start lunching at wine bars.

Back to work? Nah.

Although I really did lose my dad in November, the above thoughts are purely fictional…or are they? Muahhaha, I guess you’ll never know.

Time is one of those things I’m having to fill up with all manner of trivial duties with a dash of whatever I want to do thrown in. I love to craft, and I need to exercise, but due to the grieving process, I’m having a hard time adhering to any kind of schedule.

I do the housework, take care of the brats (dogs); I’m even making their food now. I make time to write and journal. I do exercise, just not at a certain time every day. I go shopping, even if it’s window shopping just to get out of this house. I want to volunteer, but I don’t want to lose my freedom in case my husband wants us to go on a trip. I felt good about helping people when I did volunteer work before, but inevitably, just a few of us seem to do all the work.

Having a real job is even more restricting. So, for now, I guess I’ll just keep floundering around until God points me in the direction He thinks I should go.



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