Best Keywords to Get Massive Traffic Right Now (April 2024)

They are getting a million pageviews per month

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Getting traffic (especially organic traffic) to websites is damn hard right now.

My own websites are down massively, although still in the running. I don’t know how to quit — I get that from my Dad.

What you and I need are better keywords. Or the best keywords. The ones with high search volume but low(ish) competition. Keywords that you’d have to pay a fancy keyword tool to find.

Which is what I did, using Ahrefs, a few filters, and a little moxy.

Combined, these keywords drive close to a million pageviews per month.

The Best Keywords List

Now, without further ado, let’s dive into the meat of the matter — the keywords that are hotter than a summer sidewalk in Vegas:

  1. Best karaoke songs album songs
  2. Best egg
  3. Best pizza near me
  4. Best porn
  5. Best protein powder
  6. Best movies on Hulu
  7. Best dad jokes
  8. Best shows on Hulu
  9. Best Halloween movies
  10. Academy Award for best supporting actress
  11. Best rizz lines
  12. Best tequila
  13. Best refrigerator 2023
  14. Best buy return policy
  15. Best thriller movies
  16. Best Disney movies
  17. Best pre workout
  18. Best washer and dryer 2023
  19. Best war movies
  20. Best hentai
  21. Best regards
  22. Best horror movies 2023
  23. Best probiotic for women
  24. Best pick up lines
  25. Best synonym
  26. Best rom coms
  27. Best Mexican food near me
  28. Best karaoke songs
  29. Best horror movies on Netflix
  30. Best sci fi movies
  31. Best burgers near me
  32. Best dishwasher 2023
  33. Best gore
  34. Best South Park episodes
  35. Best sushi near me
  36. Best buy jobs
  37. Best OnlyFans
  38. Best vacuum for pet hair
  39. Best mascara
  40. Best egg loan
  41. Best cologne for men
  42. Best pickleball paddles
  43. Best TFT comps
  44. Best bourbon
  45. Best time to take Lexapro for anxiety
  46. Best GameCube games
  47. Ahmed best
  48. Best multivitamin for men
  49. Best midsize SUV
  50. Best lunch near me

Phew, what a list, right?

But that’s the beauty of it — there’s something out there for everyone.

My Commentary on the List

By now you’ve realized that the best keywords are literally a list of phrases with “best” in them.

Best is subjective but keywords that include “best” usually do well.

A few things you should know:

  • All of these keywords bring in over 30K pageviews per month. Some bring in over a hundred thousand.
  • All of these keywords have a keyword difficulty of 20 or lower. The lower usually the easier to rank on Google for the topic.
  • All of these keywords are not the same (and you shouldn’t approach them in the same way)

Stepping into my SEO genius shoes, let’s dissect this fascinating list of keywords.

There’s a lot to unpack here.

The Reign of “Best”

The dominance of “best” in these keywords is impossible to ignore.

It reflects a universal truth of search behavior: people aren’t just looking for options — they’re hunting for the crème de la crème. Whether it’s karaoke songs or probiotics, there’s a clear intent to find the top choice, indicating a high level of trust in online rankings and reviews.

The Power of Proximity: “Near Me”

The “near me” phenomenon is fascinating.

Keywords like “Best pizza near me” or “Best Mexican food near me” signify the marriage of online convenience with offline action. This trend underscores the local search’s growing importance, revealing a golden opportunity for businesses to optimize for local SEO.

These searches indicate high purchase intent, making them lucrative targets for local businesses aiming to attract foot traffic.

Notable Exceptions

Among the gems, there are some keywords that might raise an eyebrow or two, like “Best porn” or “Best gore.”

These exceptions to the more wholesome entries on the list speak to the underbelly of internet searches — content that’s sought after but less spoken about.

From an SEO standpoint, these keywords are reminders of the internet’s vast and varied search intent, even if they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Trends and Seasonality

Keywords such as “Best Halloween movies” hint at the importance of seasonality in search trends.

Tailoring content to the time of year can capture transient spikes in traffic and interest. Similarly, “Best horror movies 2023” suggests that keeping content updated with the current year can increase relevance and search visibility.

Observations on Monetization Potential

Keywords with high commercial intent, like “Best protein powder” or “Best vacuum for pet hair,” are gold mines for affiliate marketers and e-commerce sites.

They signal a readiness to purchase.

And this makes them prime targets for monetization through product reviews, comparisons, and recommendations.

The Need for Continuous Evolution

This list of keywords is a snapshot in time.

What’s “best” today might not hold the crown tomorrow. It’s a stark reminder of the internet’s ever-changing nature and the need for your SEO and blogging strategies to evolve.

Keeping content fresh, revisiting keyword research regularly, and adapting to new trends are non-negotiables for staying ahead.

Thanks for reading!



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