How to Make Money on Amazon Kindle (Without Writing)

Here is how to do it

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Kindle with money and other objects around it — How to Make Money on Amazon Kindle (Without Writing)
I made this image but not the content using ChatGPT and DALL-E — Credit

You can make money on Amazon Kindle without writing.

Actually, you can do it in two major ways:

  1. Promote existing Kindle books with an affiliate link
  2. Generate eBooks that you sell on Kindle (and anywhere else)

This article is about these two ways to make money.

Disclaimer: This content may include affiliate links (and a tiny green alien — see if you can find it). If you purchase something through one of my links, I may earn a small commission. I promise to spend it on Cheetos and cheap wine. Thanks!

The Affiliate Marketing Method

The first method is another variation of affiliate marketing.

That is, making a small commission when other people buy something you promote through one of your affiliate links. You post links, people click on them, and then buy something.

And you get paid.

The easiest way to set this up is to become an Amazon Associate (Associate just mean affiliate, in this case). It’s free, doesn’t take that long to set up, and you can make a little bit of money each time someone buys a Kindle book through your link.

Or anything else from Amazon (which is a lot).

A lot of stuff on Amazon, I mean. Don’t look at your analytics dashboard to compare how much you made Amazon versus how much they paid you, unless you want to cry.

Still, it’s a method that works.


  • Follow all of Amazon rules
  • Always include an affiliate link disclaimer
  • Don’t break Amazon rules
  • Sign up when you are getting enough traffic to your social media or blogging content to make a few sales your first month
  • Amazon will find you and deal with you accordingly

The hard part: Getting traffic. You need to buy traffic with ads or get organic traffic by creating really good social media or blogging content on topics people are searching for online.

The eBook on Autopilot Method

Another way to make money on Kindle without writing is to get tools to generate the eBook for you. Then you promote and sell it.

You don’t need to write anything (except maybe a few prompts).

Sometimes not even that — sometimes just a title. But I personally get better results when I give good instructions. I think that’s a fair trade if I say so myself.

You can use tools like:

  • ChatGPT
  • Claude
  • Gemini AI
  • Jasper (Yep, Jarvis, you ole bastard, you still exist)

There are so many tools, you could go crazy trying to keep up with them all. Any of these tools will work. Choose the one you like the best.

If you have a ChatGPT plus/pro paid subscription, though, you might want to try the Easy eBook Maker custom GPT I made. It’s built specifically to create high-quality eBook content (almost) on autopilot.

You just feed it a title, topic, audience, and anything else you want included (like affiliate links, wink wink).

Then it will generate an outline for you to approve.

Give it the greenlight, and the Easy eBook Maker will generate each section of your eBook, one at a time, seeking your feedback before moving on, so that you get the best results.

It can even make images for you if you want. 👽

Then, once your eBook is complete, copy and paste it into Word, save it as a PDF and — BOOM — you have an eBook you can promote on or off Kindle. If you want to get fancy, hire someone to create a really nice eBook Cover, or use a Canva template.

Here’s a video that also explains how to make money on Kindle without writing:

YouTube Video by Matthew Sabia — Credit

Final Thoughts

No matter what method or tool you use, making money on Kindle without writing is certainly possible. What will you do with any money you make?

My vote is on Cheetos.

Thanks for reading!



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