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This is an email from The Beale Street Papers, a newsletter by The Baldwin.

The Beale Street Papers Vol 2.

Conscious rage and a responsibility to our people brought you here. Welcome to the Beale Street Papers, a Friday paper from BALDWIN. If the streets is talkin’ every now and then, it pays to listen.

It’s been an interesting week filled with surprises, twists, and turns — and Blackness thanks to Beyonce.

We are super excited about the launch of BALDWIN Votes, our new editorial initiative all about voter’s rights and suppression in effect leading up to the big election in November. As things begin to heat up with Biden and Trump drawing lines in the sand and Kanye stumbling in and out of random states — things are more interesting than they’ve ever been. BALDWIN Votes will be bringing you updates as they become available.

Culture Editor Bianca Gregg takes on Beyonce’s ‘Black is King,’ writing an analytical feature on the visual project addressing the artist’s fashion, scenery, and storylines — all culminating in the brilliance of Queen Bey.


This week, BALDWIN sat down with Master P, CEO of No Limit Records and artist Mia X about the new 5-part docu-series airing on BET. The project focuses on the development of No Limit from Master P’s humble beginnings in the projects, to his negotiating one of the most lucrative deals in music history as a Black Business owner. Watch the interview here.

As Showtime’s popular show, The Chi continues to proceed, we bring you more updates and recaps. This week, we finally get some resolution as Keisha is freed and returned to her family. Read about it here.

In other show news, we say goodbye to a beloved character, James Greenleaf as the show continues to wrap. Read about his swan song in Grace Under Fire, a Greenleaf Column, here.

BALDWIN’S ALBUM OF THE WEEK: Chosen by Bianca Gregg, Culture Editor @binkwrites @love_binky — The Pandemic Project by Tobe Nwigwe

Tobe is Southern, Black, proud, and positive!

All that wrapped up into an emcee that talks often about Black love as well as activism is the perfect combination. Nwigwe is a breath of fresh air that is needed right now in a time of turbulence for our community.

With songs like “Try Jesus” and “I need you to (Breonna Taylor),” Tobe Nwigwe is using his platform to both entertain and invoke thought on what the Black community has been shouting for years.

As Tobe would say, “I need you to arrest the cops that killed Breonna Taylor!”

BALDWIN’S BOOK OF THE WEEK: Chosen by Bianca Gregg, Culture Editor @binkwrites @love_binky — Angry Black Girl By Elexus Jionde

You may have seen many of Jionde’s tweets go viral. She educates and often angers many over her dialogue about race, gender, and sex work.

Her book, “Angry Black Girl” is a collection of essays about everything from the Black Church to White privilege and it’s relatable to many of the experiences of Black Women.

The book can be found on Amazon and is an excellent read.


On her popular podcast, Michelle Obama said that she’d been dealing with a mild case of depression due to the pandemic and the continued racial inequality that Black people have had to deal with. When a leader comes forward to talk about something as personal as depression, something our community rarely talks about in public, it can be difficult — but more than anything, it can be surprising. Depression isn’t synonymous with weakness.

Mental health in our community isn’t something we talk about as often as we should. So many of us suffer in silence — I suspect, Michelle Obama being as vocal as she was about her issues will open a dialogue that will hopefully allow healing and breakthrough. In these uncertain times where slowing down is being forced on us, embrace it.



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James R. Sanders

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