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There’s always time for inspiration

We are living in weird times. Today we cannot say what will happen tomorrow. It makes you think. It makes you reflect. In a way, we can say that we are also living in inspiring days.

Many of us are stuck at home, and they are forced to live a bit slower. Suddenly we have the time to read the longer posts, to take time for interviews that go further than the average tweet. Not because we ran out of work, but because we ran out of lost time in public transport and traffic jams.

We can help you with that.

The purpose of this newsletter is to bring you the latest news of The Banking Scene Medium Publication so here we go: a mix of Open Banking — the latest Belgian Challenger Bank — The Future society and the role of banks therein — Regtech and all the things that bring these together:

Does Belgium need an initiative like A78 to make PSD2 work?

By Rik Coeckelbergs, February 5, 5 min. read

A good argument for more collaboration was that idea that Cake-like companies, in other countries are getting a head start if they are in an API-ready country. Finetuning data models the right way will make or break the future of fintechs like Cake. So instead of playing “bank against fintech”, a more patriotic approach of Belgian collaboration would make more sense according to Yves and Davy. [read more]

Successes & Challenges Faced Since We Went Live With Open Banking

By Rik Coeckelbergs, February 25, 6 min. read

Change management is an essential part of a successful Open Banking Strategy. Make sure you list all of your key stakeholders, the ones that are directly impacted. Not everybody needs to work with APIs, you don’t need to change the whole organisation. Change takes a lot of energy, use it wisely with the ones that need it.[read more]

Belgium has a new Challenger Bank Aion: time for an interview

By Rik Coeckelbergs, March 2, 6 min. read or 10 min. movie

The main issue is that when you would look from the service perspective, it is positioned to the customers as a service which quite often seems for free, but in reality, it’s not. We, as customers, pay for everything, and quite often we are unaware.

The example I mention is that you put money in the bank, and you get 0,18% interest with fidelity, when you need money, it costs you 9% interest for the cash loan in the same bank. And that’s something that is in the long run not sustainable.[read more]

An interview about #regtech and #trust in FS with Koen Vanderhoydonk

By Rik Coeckelbergs, March 11, 3 min. read, or 4 min. movie

If you look back in history, when we had the crisis, it was the regulator that stood up — I know I’m going to say some black-and-white stuff, so it’s all in consideration and the world is always grey, but if you look it at that way: the regulator stood up, and the regulator took control to a certain extent of the industry. So how did you see that? It was that some micro-prudential view of the regulator suddenly changed into a macro-prudential view. [read more]

About the Metastorm that rages over banking and society as a whole

By Rik Coeckelbergs, March 15, 14 min. read, or 22 min. movie

We see the production of stuff, 3D manufacturing, robotics, … allows us within a decade a lot of things that we now have in mass-production models somewhere far away in the far east in China, we can locally produce at a fair cost with sustainability objectives.

My vision is that, what Corona is showing us now, and if we adapt properly in 6 to 12 months, this will also help us in achieving the sustainability goals which will put similar pressure on us, on the long term. So today we are in an instant crisis, but everything we need to change will have to change anyway in the next decade because of sustainability. [read more]



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