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Your food for thought in December

Dear reader,

November was a month of inspiration, a month where we shared 6 new inspiring bank blogs that we bundled in this newsletter for you.

Have a look at what inspired us and let it ignite new ideas and concepts to help you in making customer experience of banking better in the future!

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Hyperautomation — Essential in Every Bank’s Strategy

By Rik Coeckelbergs, Nov 10, 7min. read

“When organisations start brainstorming about automating the employee and customer journeys, hyperautomation comes in. Hyperautomation acts as a platform, as the glue between different technologies, departments and data sets that a bank has in its organisation.” [read more]

Why do SME need extra funds and why should your bank manage such applications?

Originally posted by Ksenia Goncharova, Nov 24, 5min. read

“SME companies are one of the major groups of bank customers. To facilitate services for small and medium-sized enterprises, banks implement cutting-edge software and make it available to them. Many banks attract business customers by offering additional services to ease the operations of a company.” [read more]

Meet Digital Assistant Kate — When Digital Transformation Gets Personal

By Rik Coeckelbergs, Nov 24, 7min. read

““Kate is more than a chatbot. You can say that it is the brain of a baby today, but the idea is that she becomes a beautiful young lady”, said Karin. The vision of the bank is that one day, they can avoid customers to ask questions, while instead, they anticipate the customer’s needs based on all the data available.” [read more]

SWIFT Shaping the Future of Financial Services — Focus on Europe

By Rik Coeckelbergs, Nov 25, 7min. read

“Frictionless and instant is a pleonasm”, said Alain Raes, Chief Business Development Officer at Swift, “if we want instant, we have to remove the friction from the process.” [read more]

Doing Digital in Wealth Banking — Van Lanschot Kempen

By Rik Coeckelbergs, Dec 2, 8min. read

“Having a vision on where the market is heading, is more art than science. Also, we can build great stuff, which costs a lot of money, but the business value is zero if nobody uses it. Driving this adoption with clients and advisors is a challenge. It requires continuous investments in communication, training, coaching, etcetera to get it done, with a lot less predictable results than a technology implementation.” [read more]

Shaping the Future of Financial Services: Interview With German Savings Bank Association

By Rik Coeckelbergs, Dec 3, 6min. read

“SWIFT gpi is one of those features that we try to implement as fast as possible for all savings banks. Almost all Landesbanks have already introduced this service. Our role is to create awareness about the advantages of gpi for the members, and we have organised several sessions to help them understand the importance of gpi.” [read more]



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