20 Minutes of Action

Brock Allen Turner. Say it, write it down, remember that name.

On Thursday, Brock Allen Turner was given a 6 month prison sentence for rape.


Yes, many media sources have identified him as an athlete, a swimmer with lots of potential, an olympic hopeful.

None of that matters.

He is a rapist.

He forcefully took adavantage of an overly intoxicated woman.

He also hasn’t taken anything resembling responsibility for his actions.

He blamed college.

He blamed booze.

He even blamed his victim.

Well, now he is a sex offender. For the rest of his life he will have to introduce himself to his neighbors as the guy who raped someone. I feel no sympathy for him.

His victim, who sadly will always be known as his victim, read a statement that is truly amazing. You can, and should, read it here:

This should be over. I know, it will never be over for that girl, but in the news sense, it should be over.

Just kidding, not only is Brock Allen Turner nothing close to a man, his dad is the same way.

Brock Allen Turner’s fathers statement.

Well Dan, 20 minutes of action requires two people to agree upon said action. Your son chose to steal something that is more valuable than the olympics, college, or you idiot sons swim career.

I can’t even. “20 minutes of action”…..

Your son doesn’t want to educate people on not forcing themselves sexually onto other people, he wants to talk about how you can blame things like a life style (that thing you choose) and booze (another things you choose to drink).

I have no sympathy for you or your son.

I don’t feel bad that he doesn’t eat.

He has a record of violence, now. He raped someone.

The only way to ever come close to righting something is to actually admit you did it. Responsibility is the foundation that all integrity and character is built upon.

Rape is not a one time action. It destroys something that is not easily fixed. By not taking responsibility, the Turner family tag teamed their way into their son’s actions that night. It is one thing to stay silent, that at least shows you understand the severity of the situation.

This, this not only says you accept it and see no fault in it. You approve. You, Dan A. Turner support and approve of rape.

Brock Allen Turner.

Dan A. Turner.

Remember those names.

The rapist and the father who thinks the rapist is the actual victim.

I am truly saddened by what this young lady has had to go through. I am also deeply saddened because I know it will never fully go away.

People like this exist. Don’t be these people. We all do stupid shit, own your shit.

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