Dang, We gonna have to Vote….

Recently I have seen an uptick in Facebook posts asking a very serious question.

“Can we vote for neither?”

That question is more profound than you know.

Yes, you can just not vote. Sure, that is something you could do….. But…. Well…. What fun is that?


No Fun.

Let’s have fun.

Today, I am declaring my candidacy as a write in option.

You read that right, you can write my name in. It is really that easy.

J-O-S-H-U-A A-R-N-A-O.

Eleven letters that have the potential to reshape history.

According to my Facebook, I went to Harvard, Yale, and Stanford.

According to my Twitter I was Voted sexiest baby 1979 & 2004.

Guys, this stuff is on the internet so it must be true.

Also, I am not Hillary Clinton, nor am I Donald Trump. I can scientifically prove this.

Not only will I make my tax records public, I will also make my garbage pail kid collection public as well.

Thank you for not wasting your vote and instead making it count by simply writing in my name.


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