Let’s Talk About Sex

Getting it on. Boning down. Bumping uglies. However you dodge the actual word, sex is sex. The “it” word isn’t said enough. In America’s modern day society, sex is the clutch that thrusts every form of media. From music and television to religion, sex is being portrayed and exploited. This isn’t an uncommon phenomenon yet talking about sex with parents or elders seems to be quite taboo.

The barrier needs to be broken. Parents can try their best to shield their kids from mass media but they are usually so addicted to their ubiquitous assets they have been prescribed that it is the new norm to see a toddler playing with an iPad at the dinner table in a restaurant. What parents don’t know — or are usually in denial of — is that their children are exposed to sexual content and images from an extremely young age. Sex needs to be at the forefront of these dinner conversations, replace the iPad and maybe we wouldn’t have so many issues with teenage pregnancy in America.

There is a major political divide when it comes down to having “the talk” with children. Conservative parents believe it should be up to the education system and “family life” (or whatever tacky name the district finds appropriate) and the liberals are first in line to sign their kids out of the class. This is an extreme point of view but there are always parents from each political standpoint that are guilty. It is a victor less tug-of-war leaving the confused teens to fall face first into the mud.

Sex is the reason why every human(and most living organisms) are on this planet, so why should we be ashamed to talk openly about it? Here is why I love sex so much; it is undeniable and — while controversial — there is no gray space. Religion and science don’t argue over it, which is something to worship. Yes there is a cultural divide that argues over when it is the best time, but the fact that there are three possible outcomes can not be refuted.

Here are the three outcomes; the woman gets pregnant(whoops), one or both partners contract an STD(should’ve got tested), or absolutely nothing happens. A lot of the time nothing happens, but instead of parents telling their children about sex they get all “Mean Girls” gym teacher on you and somehow it leads to something dramatic and scary. Sex-shaming their own kin and dubbing the word a sin.

Teens actually have this fear of “the talk” because it is so uncomfortable and that needs to change. Using the word “sex” more often and freely makes it seem like it isn’t some freak force of nature, but just a common occurrence. Maybe then, parents could prepare they kids for sex when the time comes instead of letting the blind lead the blind.

I was so afraid my parents would strap a chastity belt on me that instead of going to my mom and actually talking to her, I went to Planned Parenthood, talked to a complete stranger, and got birth control. That should not be happening and it does far too often. Pinning all these silly names onto the three letter word just shows how uncomfortable society is with the word sex. Repeat it out loud a few times. Get used to it because if you want to have it, you shouldn’t be ashamed or embarrassed.

So go for it, do the horizontal hula. Men; get consent and wear a condom. Women; don’t feel obligated to do anything, but always take your birth control. Everybody; get tested, be smart, and don’t be afraid to talk about sex openly because that is why you — and this column — exist.