Let’s try this again…

Well, it happened.

Today the news broke that Adnan Syed, the focal point of the insanely popular podcast, Serial, is getting his day, again, in court. If you missed Serial you should fix that right now and give up the weekend to listen to the podcast so you, like so many others, can become overly opinionated about a case you knew nothing about when it happened. That may seem condescending, that isn’t my intent. Serial is something special, it is an all consuming show that has created more opinions than the Soprano’s series finale.

It would be unwise of me to delve into my personal feelings about the case here so I will refrain from telling you if I think he did it or not. I will, however, say regardless of if he did it or not, the state did not prove their case and that is not justice. Obviously, if the allegations raised against the state are found to be true, Adnan got shafted. This case isn’t about him though, it is about the life that was taken and if Adnan is indeed innocent, she never got justice. How this plays out is yet to be seen but if you are anything like me, you feel connected to this case on an almost personal level.

So, where does leave Syed? His chances of going free are still slim but a chance is a chance and now his representation has a shot to introduce evidence that never saw the light of day in his previous court appearences.

Read the judge’s order:

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