Gabriel Estrada. Photo by: Edward Gutierrez

Pushing The Boundaries: Beyond the Paintbrush

As the world of art continues to evolve artists must also evolve and no longer are they restricted. Ask any artist what they do and you’ll be hit with an array of talents such as graphic design, photography and videography which is now paving their own way to becoming their own bosses. They practice what they preach daily, proving that if you do what you love you’ll never work a day in your life. Thus, independent artist Gabriel Estrada, continues to create his own brand and do things his way.

Gabriel Estrada, 21, graphic design major, continues to push his own boundaries. Having seen himself become stagnant early in his career, Estrada continues to become more self-reliant. Hosting multiple art shows,designing clothes and even doing freelance work. Estrada thrives working against the clock, bringing the best out of his art.

Waaavy By Gabriel Estrada
“I would stay up till like four in the morning everyday just painting,” Estrada said. “I feel like I work best under pressure.”

Having curated multiple shows Estrada understands the platform he possess, giving local artist opportunities to showcase their work and create a name for themselves. As for his own work, Estrada wants people to smile after viewing his pieces and for them to appreciate his art with a nostalgic feeling.

Photo by: Edward Gutierrez

“When people look at it I just hope that they walk away with a smirk or like a smile,” Estrada said, “I don’t intend for it to have some crazy political message, everything is pretty much for fun. For the people to smile.”

Chance The Rapper By: Gabriel Estrada

Yet, he understands the power social media can have on his fan base and following. So he attempts to stay consistent with his artwork in freelance work. Understanding that it takes more than just his paintings to be successful, Estrada has his hands in it all. From graphic design, photography and even video editing he continues to extend his talents.

“I want to be like a one man army, just be able to do everything” Estrada said.

And such as the world of art, evolution is imminent. Art and the artist themselves must evolve and change for the better of the industry. “I’d rather be self-taught,” Estrada said. “I might as well teach myself something new.” Growth continues to be the main focus of Estrada, delivering consistent and unique pieces.

Photo By: Edward Gutierrez

To this day Estrada is still taken back by the appreciation he receives from his fans. Understanding the importance social media can have on his work, Estrada never takes for granted those who follow and support his artwork, an example could be the Pomona show he curated.

“People from Instagram, people from Twitter and some people I’ve never met before,” Estrada said. “That was the main breaking point. It’s such an amazing feeling. I don’t think i’ll ever get over it, it’s just a euphoric feeling.”

Photo By Edward Gutierrez

As for future plans Estrada is focused on design and digital illustration, leaving painting in the past. Understanding that in order for him to excel he must push the boundaries and challenge himself. He wants to fuse his paintings and design, creating pieces that will showcase his approach to a unique style.

Gabriel Estrada

As for what advice he has to offer to young artists, Estrada challenges them to push themselves beyond their comfort zone. Believing that artists should stop creating for an audience and instead create because they want to create.

“The way I see it, each generation of artist take things from the past and put it into their work,” Estrada said. “They make something new and its just a vicious cycle and it continues to grow and grow.”

To find more of Gabriel Estrada’s work follow him on Instagram eyesofgabe.