A Spotless Mind of Emmanuel Vargas

The grass is cool against his back, as tepid air hits his skin while the crickets play along with Chet Baker’s trumpet. A gentle vivid voice sings, “Nothing but a fantasy, though the idol of my heart.” Emmanuel Vargas, a 20-year-old, studies film and music. His passion is demonstrated through various mediums, but what Emmanuel is most passionate about, he approaches with grace and style.

“I’m most passionate about the idea of music and how it’s universal, there is literally no racial, religious, or ethnic barrier. It all comes down to how the listener perceives the music, it’s the fact that music can dictate or guide your feelings,” says Vargas.

As a former musician, Vargas played the trombone for seven years. His ears have had years of training and music has become second nature to him. Ever grateful for this gift, he plans to use this ability to develop his craft in film. He says, “How I tie in what I want to do in film is to present something or make something, and then create a track that goes with it. It’s not only having the visuals, but also having the musical, emotion and urgency behind it.”

Photo courtesy of Emmanuel Vargas

He creates playlists on Spotify, open for the public to consume, titling playlists to the types of stories he anticipates his audience to recognize. One playlist titled “Old friend- sea wolf,” tells the story of how he lost touch with a friend he knew for over five years. Never knowing why they fell off, Vargas uses cleverness and creativity to stimulate his audience to express his hardship over the friendship.

He continues to explain the importance of stimulation, “Think about it, the more stimulation, the more your message gets accepted, the more people would want to see it, share it, the more it becomes relatable.”

This obscure mind of Vargas has a complex way of luring people to him, using it to his advantage, but never the one to rely on drawing people in, he describes how he prepares for his role in each scene.

“My life is like a movie, in each scene I am going to look different, I adapt to the scene, it’s like a progression of my life.”

His love for the arts and family go hand-in-hand, and his grandmother holds a special place in his life. Vargas explains, “I’ll get up and look in the fridge to make something, but she’ll have me sit down and she’ll say, ‘I’ll make it for you,’ my dinner is when you go home, it’s the first meal you have and when I get home around 12 or 2 in the morning, that’s my dinner.”

A midnight lover and a man of very few words, Vargas is known to write and recite (only in Spanish) poetry to his grandmother, “I read her poetry so I can get a response. Like what do you think about this?”

“Te cubre los ojos las gafas del sol. Con eso no tienen emociones los ojos gracias al sol,” translated it reads, “They cover the eyes, the sunglasses. With that, the eyes lack emotion. Thanks to the sun.”

Emmanuel Vargas is a renaissance man of his generation, he is as smooth as the blue-born boy Chet Baker was, like the charismatic character Rick Blaine, Humphrey Bogart played in Casablanca, or the ever-evolving Thom Yorke from Radiohead. He is a timeless work of art in a world full of monotonous painting. So here’s to looking at Emmanuel as he prepares for the biggest role of his life, his future.