The Music Around You: Kiki Diago

Kiki Diago playing at Back to the Grind Riverside Calif. Oct. 15 for their EP release. Photo by Charlie Vargas
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This weekend I spent it out in Riverside at Back to the Grind… again. I know I know, I was just there like two weeks ago, but I really had to be there for this EP release they were having. Daise and Sonny and the Moon Parade also released their new EPs that night. While I had never seen them before, I was impressed by the great show the put on. Kiki Diago was the band I was there for and they were definitely worth coming back to for a full listen. The band’s earlier sound was mainly centered around a garage and surf feel like in the song featured on the left.

However, their dominating sound is currently a fusion of psychedelic and Latin groove-rock which is heard in the beats of the drums consistently. The vocals switch from English to Spanish throughout and the chord progressions are extended with an added effect of reverb and special distortions. Their sound actually has some resemblance to Chicano Batman but I would be willing to say they’re a little groovier. The crowd was obviously excited to see them because they were dancing from the moment they began their set.

Kiki Diago at Back to the Grind Riverside. Calif. playing while light effects lingered on Oct. 15. Photo by Charlie Vargas

They also incorporate keyboard into their music, adding a synth and ambient vibe to their psychedelic sound, almost like dream-pop but with a trippier feel. As if their sound wasn’t adventurous enough, the band also had some light effects shining down throughout there set, which felt like a journey of visuals and sounds. On a lower note, I could not find any of the music off of their new EP. It’s a minor bummer but when it is up you’re in for a treat I promise.