The Music Around You: The Red Pears

The Red Pears Play for a crowded backyard in Rialto Cailf. Sept. 16
^Take a listen^

Earlier this month I wrote about 23 Skunks, a band manifested from some of the heavier music coming out of El Monte and the Los Angeles area. So when I first saw The Red Pears I was a little surprised to hear that a band with such a different sound also came from El Monte. I’ve been following The Red Pears for about a year or so now and I have seen their fan base grow, which is evident in their crowd participation (I mean Jesus Christ look at all that dirt in the air in the picture up above) and that has been consistent in every show I’ve seen them at. If you’re going to see The Red Pears at any backyard show be prepared to get dirty.

Their sound is uppity, made up of a combination of alternative guitar riffs with a bouncy bass and drum beat. However, when you listen to their faster-paced songs one can hear the El Monte heaviness, and when their sound mellows out, it also becomes its own emotional catharsis.

^Take a Listen^

Their music reminds me of The Strokes early albums like “Is This It” mostly because of their singer’s vocal style, resembling Julian Casablancas but despite the similar sounds their music can stand alone. Take a listen to this song compared to the song at the very top to really contrast the different styles they mesh. I can say one thing for sure if it’s your first time seeing them you’re in for a show.