The Playlist — Session #2

Welcome back to The Playlist. The place to find the latest in music for your study jam sessions. Let’s see what the first half of February brought us.

Summer Sixteen — Drake

The first single off of his highly anticipated album Views From The 6, Drake is channeling the same energy he brought us with last summer’s “Back To Back”. It’s a braggadocious, bass heavy track that’s sure to get your head nodding.

Stranger In A Room — Sara Hartman

There isn’t much on Sara Hartman. She’s 20-year old from Sag Harbor, New York with a voice as mysterious as she is. “Stranger In A Room” is a great atmospheric cover of the Jamie XX song. It’s smooth and soothing version that finds success with Hartman’s fantastic voice.

30 Hours — Kanye West

The past week for Kanye has been a spectacle to watch. Debuting his latest album at Madison Square Garden while showcasing his latest fashion line, Twitter rants, indecisiveness over his album’s tracklist and title. It feels like we are watching an artist share what it’s like behind the scenes or watching him slowly lose his mind. Thought’s on the album or Kanye aside, there are moments when we are reminded why Kanye is the star he’s become. “30 Hours” is one of those moments. It’s soulful, grounded, and real.

Don’t Let Me Down ft. Daya — The Chainsmokers

If you’re looking for something fun and addictive, this song has all that. DJ duo The Chainsmokers released their latest single that is infectious and will having you wanting to hit repeat as soon as it ends.

$150/roll widdit — Healy

Ever wondered what a Saturday afternoon with your friends cruising down to the beach sounded like? I’m not sure, but this track comes pretty close. With a cool groove and laid back vocals, it’s a song you and a group of friends can kickback to.

Pillowtalk — Zayn

Yeah, I know what you’re probably thinking. A former pop boy band member going solo? Why waste our time? Usually I would agree, it’s probably another pop song that sounds like the others. Except this one might actually be good. It’s catchy, with R&B tones and it certainly helps that Zayn has a great voice. It’s content is surprisingly mature as well as the video. I have to apologize in advance however, because I’m sure you’ll be singing this in your head next time you walk to class.

This session is over. I’ll be back soon to bring you more of the latest music to jam out in my end of the month review.

Side note: Did anyone catch the Grammys? Lady Gaga preformed an amazing David Bowie tribute that had some great visuals.

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