Memoirs of a Sherlockian-Sherlock (ft. Zsófia)

In this feature article, The Baskerville Pups got to learn about one of the most active and largest Hungarian Sherlockian initiatives at Our guest writer, Zsófia, is the site editor; she moderates the project on behalf of SherlockExtra. In this article, Zsófia will share her story about how she and SherlockExtra started their journey.

I was born in 1979 in a small town in Hungary. I grew up in a loving family, I’ve got a sister. I’m an agricultural engineer and English translator, but I don’t work in my learned profession. I love reading, cross stitching and listening to music. Environment and animal protection are very important to me. I was 12 when I read a Sherlock Holmes story for the first time, it was The Hound of the Baskervilles. I liked it very much, so I read the whole Canon. Then I saw the fantastic Granada series with the outstanding Jeremy Brett. This is the best adaptation for me.

Artwork by the amazingly talented Travis Simpkins (

Favorite Sherlockian Work:

I’ve got so many favourites among the stories, it’s really hard to choose. I would say The Dancing Men — it’s a great story with brilliant deductions.

My favourite series is the Granada Sherlock Holmes with Jeremy Brett, David Burke and Edward Hardwicke. The quality of the whole production is amazing, they tried to be exact in every details, and the acting is just superb. I also love how many great performances you can see from the supporting and guest actors.

The adaptation I like the most is The Hound of the Baskervilles starring Richard Roxburgh, Ian Hart and Richard E. Grant. It had its mistakes and its overall reception was not the best, but I still like it.

Sherlockian Endeavors

I found the Hungarian site in the 2010s, it was the most significant Sherlock-related site at that time. I also joined the Hungarian Sherlock Holmes Club which was founded in 2010. On the site I began to take part in conversations in the forum, but as time passed, I got to know SherlockExtra, the webmaster. We became friends, and began to work on articles together. In 2013 Aleš Kolodrubec, the president of the Czech Sherlock Holmes Society suggested to launch a Holmes-related site in English. He saw how enthusiastic we were about the topic and that we had high-level articles, so he encouraged us to publish in English to access more visitors. That’s how was born. I am the editor of the site and I do the things related to communication and keeping contact, and I also write and translate articles.

Our aim is to popularize the world’s greatest detective with high-level articles, and we also try to show the vast amount of different topics that can be related to him and his author.

The site had a praiseful mention in 2013, the year of its launch, in The District Messenger, the online periodical of The Sherlock Holmes Society of London.

In 2021 the makers of the site and the site itself received the BSS certificate from The Shaka Sherlockians of Hawaii. In the same year the Hungarian Sherlock Holmes Club was listed in The Baker Street Almanac.

Great, Admirable Cases

I wrote an article entitled The Compassionate Detective for the online magazine of The Sherlock Holmes Society of India. It is available on our site as well.

In 2017 my essay The Adventure of the Distant Friend appeared in About Being a Sherlockian (60 Essays Celebrating the Sherlock Holmes Community), edited by Christopher Redmond. This year the publisher asked me to write a short recommendation to The Game is Afoot by Professor Jeremy Black.

Celebrating Sherlock Holmes Outside of the Community

It may sound funny and/or strange, but only my family knows that I love Sherlock Holmes. I’m not on social media and I am a really introvert person with very few friends — but I live a happy and contented life.

Future Endeavors

We’d like to continue to offer high-standard content to our visitors, with lots of own articles, and we also plan to add new pieces to our interview section. Our long-term plan is to arrange and host a Sherlock Holmes exhibition in Hungary.

We at the Baskerville Pups thank our dear friends in Hungary for collaborating with us this week, and would love to send our best regards to them. You can follow on their website and Twitter, @SherlockianC. A favorite of ours is their article on misconceptions about Sherlock Holmes, which you can read here, or check out their latest articles.




We’re a worldwide book club for youths and complete novices in the Sherlockian canon. Book reads every month — starting from the beginning!

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The Baskerville Pups

We’re a worldwide book club for youths and complete novices in the Sherlockian canon. Book reads every month — starting from the beginning! By Monique Boodram.

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