The Divine Comedy by Cecco Bonanotte

Have you ever dreamt to stare at the whole text of Dante’s Divine Comedy with just one glance? Then, if you happen to be in central Italy, for no reason you should miss out on a visit to the beautiful medieval town of Gubbio. Here, in the public library — Biblioteca Sperelliana — a real masterpiece is waiting for you: the Divine Comedy by Cecco Bonanotte, an ‘Editio Unicum’, unique in the world, printed using Bembo monotype on 70x70cm (27.5591 inches) cotton paper from Fabriano. This work of art, created in 2000 and curated in every detail by Alessandro Sartori and Fausto Olivieri, is displayed in cases made with Renaissance style inlaid ebony, by the master carpenters Minelli. Through masterfully laid-out texts and stunning illustrations you can enjoy Dante’s dramatically beautiful thoughts about Hell, Purgatory and Paradise all at the same time.

Originally published at on October 12, 2016.