A Simple Tip to Curb Overthinking in a Relationship

Like anyone who’s been married for nearly a decade, my husband and I have had to learn to compromise in all sorts of ways we didn’t expect when we first got married.

He didn’t know then he was marrying someone with anxiety (nor did I).

I didn’t know I’d have to understand why I made the choices I did in order to explain them to him.

Being able to articulate motivations is part of sharing your life with someone else.

This tip comes from being forced to face feelings I would have otherwise ignored. It’s an approach Michael and I came up with together to address my squirreliness around being different.

The Problem

Something small will happen, and my internal fear monologue will start running: “We’re together because we like the way the other person thinks. If we don’t get each other now, then what? If we like different stuff, then what?”

The Solution

The one-sentence method is very simple. When feeling scared that our minds work differently, I say this simple sentence to myself.

It works for two reasons:

  1. We’ve both acknowledged and accepted that we are different and can still be together. No questioning, just fact.
  2. It’s so simple. It stops overthinking and removes brain clutter.

Try it yourself the next time you’re questioning everything.

Different strokes for married folks.

See if it works for you, too.

I’d love to hear your relationship tips that help with the spin. Send them on so I can share good tactics with others.

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