Final Tally of T-Shirt Sale

After all was said and done…

From January 3rd to 17th, the first ever Beautiful Voyager t-shirt was on sale.

Final tally from the sale:

Wanting to celebrate the money raised in a splashy way, I asked myself, “Should I get one of those large sweepstakes-esque checks?”

Nah. I realized shrinking the people was way more voyager.

This check was sent in on Saturday, in perfect harmony with the Women’s March. What better way to celebrate women finding their voices than to sponsor an amazing writing program that mentors young female writers?

Things I learned from the sale:

  • My friends, family, and great coworkers are awesomely supportive.
  • Be aware of tiered pricing on Cotton Bureau.

(I could have made a chunk more of money if I hit the 75 mark, but hadn’t totally understood their tiered payment model to get that.)

The next time I do a t-shirt sale I’ll go in a little bit clearer. All in all, however, I consider the sale a huge success. I can’t wait to post photos of everyone in their shirts.

Love, Meredith

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