How to Put Captions on a Facebook Video

If you’re on Mac OSX, don’t get lost in the Google desert like I did.

This took me way too long to figure out, so I’m sharing it for the other me’s out there.

I wanted to share a video from Snapchat to Facebook. I realized that it really needed captions (the sound is low on the important part).

I embarked on a way-too-long search to figure out how to do it.

Things I realized immediately from Googling:

  1. I needed to write out my captions in something that everything online described as “Notepad.”
  2. I needed to format them as shown in the screengrabs here.
  3. I then needed to save that file as an SRT.

If it was so straightforward, why did it take me another hour to figure out?

Mac OS X has no notepad. It only has Text Editor. Text Editor has no “save as SRT” feature.

When I went to free download software like this on CNET, it seemed super sketchy. This one, commonly referenced all over the place, literally has an X on its logo.

Tell me that’s not malware.

If you try to open it, you get this message:

Considering what I’ve been reading about the iPhone today, nothing feels safe. I wasn’t going to change my security settings.

After about 20 more minutes of Googling, I realized that there was a simple solution. If I wrote my captions in TextEdit:

I needed to convert them to PLAIN TEXT.

This is the core issue. Guess what happens when you make this change?

You’re able to save your simple doc as:

Now you can go back into Facebook, click the edit option next to your video, choose captions, and you’ll see you have the choice to upload your file from there.


If you’re not seeing the captions and you’re on desktop, make sure “caption”option is checked in player as seen below.

Showing where the caption settings are for desktop users.

If you’re on mobile, note you can’t turn on captions with this embedded player:

but you can turn them on with the Facebook mobile player:

Fun fact: Did you know that adding SRT files to your videos means that people who watch your Facebook Page’s video with sound turned off will automatically see captions?

I hope I’ve saved you time and some frustration. For real! Get some more sleep.


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