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I’m an Emotional Junkie, but Sometimes I Hate My Feelings

When to give up control and why

Photo by Tadas Adomavicius on Behance

I’ve been a cinephile since I was a kid. I didn’t know it back then, but I was obsessed with television shows, cartoons, and films. I’ve found out later that I have a tendency towards addiction. It’s not booze or drugs, I never had a hard time with those, it’s little things that…




Insight and inspiration for overthinkers, people pleasers, and perfectionists

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Akos Peterbencze

Akos Peterbencze

Freelance Grinder. Regular contributor on Looper. Bylines: Paste Mag, Humungus, and more. You can find me tweeting about pop culture at 2 AM (@ilovemoviesmor1)

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