8 Favorite Finds of 2016

Sharing in case these random items help you relax and feel good, too.

The truth is, little escapes can make a person feel good. Then those people can share that goodness with others.

As a longtime fan of old time radio, it thrilled me to feel like there was a return to the genre. This podcast is riveting and distracting. Had to include the shot of Oscar Isaac cause love him. Did you see Ex-Machina? Llewyn Davis? Same dude. Only problem with this podcast is that it’s too short.

This little app helped me escape not only the post-apocalyptic Walgreens on Mission Street, but the half-day back-and-forths between Walgreens and my neurologist’s office. Thanks to them, I will no longer have to hear the word “e-fax.”

I started walking 2.5 miles to work every day, and sometimes home too. While that’s not a lot, I found that my sad old running shoes weren’t holding up to the job. These guys are rainproof, too.

Again, back to fears of being superficial, but can I tell you how it thrills me to find the right single product for my hair? And it’s basically the un-shampoo. Doesn’t lather. Doesn’t have detergents in it. Makes all other shampoos seem like something from another era — like lye or something. And I don’t have to use conditioner anymore, so we’re just talking one single product from here on out.

In particular: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Bojack Horseman, Lady Dynamite. These all speak for themselves. All brilliant, funny, and great.

This is very fancy aromatherapy that I would never have gotten to use if it hadn’t been a present from a fancy friend. It’s made from all natural ingredients, and what I noticed is that when I start getting stressed out, if I spray my face directly with it, it cools me down as well as relaxes (cause smells are powerful things). I am going to save up my pennies for some more. It is a huge splurge at $40 for 100 ml.

And this writer can do no wrong as far as I’m concerned. This, his 3rd novel was completely transporting and transfixing and of course, was packed with incredible writing.

This pillow was not pricey and man do I love to see this little fox sitting jauntily in our living room every day.

I’d love to hear about other people’s little finds too. Just for the fun and joy of it. So it you feel like sharing one in the comments, you should!

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