The Power and Freedom of Doing the Next Right Thing

No decision is permanent, and quitting isn’t a failure

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Lying to ourselves is easy

In some ways, developing a severe illness removed my ability to make any decision except leaving that career. In other ways, getting sick gave me the freedom to finally look inside myself and forge my own path.

We benefit from the lies

When we hold onto these limiting beliefs about ourselves and our professional abilities, we get to stay safe. Humans are naturally risk-averse, and staying where we are — even in a career we don’t like — is safer than branching out.

The truth isn’t always easy, but it is always better

Developing a growth mindset is the first step toward making any change, and by reframing the lies you tell yourself you can start to build yours. Imagine if, instead of these lies about our abilities and our education, we believed these truths?

Find your next right thing

If you go to work every day and have to drag yourself through the doors of the building or down a bottle of wine after work just to forget about the day, maybe you could do the next right thing for yourself.

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