No decision is permanent, and quitting isn’t a failure

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When I started to despise going to work on Monday mornings, I knew I needed to make a change. As a teacher, I didn’t hate the interactions with students or even the planning lessons for them. I hated the bureaucratic system I’d become complicit in upholding.

This system promised to welcome all students in, treat them fairly, and teach them all they needed to become productive adults. Then, students walked in, and adults rained shaming words on their little heads, opted out of the hard work, and then blamed the children for their lack of progress.

I wanted to be…

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She was crying uncontrollably even though she knew her friend disliked seeing her cry on video. She continued trying to speak through her sobs, “What if I die here alone?” She sensed her friend’s discomfort as she shifted uncomfortably on the bed.

She struggled with her words but finally said… “You are trying to stay safe and that counts.” She looked worn out. The conversation itself seemed like a task. This was the fourth time in a month that she was having to witness her friend’s live breakdown over a video call. She was concerned, but helpless. She didn’t know…

In thinking it is preparing you for the worst, your brain only exacerbates your discomfort

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I was preparing my lunch the other day, an Indian brand of noodles known as Maggi. When I went to cut open the flavor packet, I noticed my hands were shaking. Mind you, I have not had any major anxiety issues for over a year now. I can’t even remember my previous panic attack.

A couple of months ago, I was out with a friend at a Domino’s outlet. When I collected our food, they told me I was shivering. I was not aware of that. I’d simply been moving about naturally. …

I always seem to remember more.

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My six word story begins with the words, “I always seem to remember more.” These words sum up a common theme in my life that I perceive as both a blessing and a curse. My ability to lock in memories, details, and focus on the little things in life have been a defining element of my identity. I’ve always been a people person, fascinated by why people are the way they are and always in tune with what makes a person stand out. …

Since I started practicing alternate nostril breathing, I haven’t been violently ill during a migraine

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I have had migraines all my life. The first real attack was when I was ten, but even before that, I experienced eye-twitching and sudden vomiting. The worst and most frequent attacks were during adolescence (12–16). I’ve had intervals of years without attacks, but recently I’ve had several that laid me low.

I’ve faced a particularly stressful life situation over the past three years as well as being perimenopausal. The severe migraines hit the day before my period starts or around ovulation. …

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We are at the end of our mindfulness journey together. However, your mindfulness journey doesn’t end here; it begins. Use these activities as a toolkit to explore, play, and find the one that calls out most to you and your children. Come back to your favorite activities whenever you feel out of balance in your life. Mindfulness is a practice, and like any new skill, you have weave it in your routine to learn it.

The importance of knowing your personality traits

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A study conducted by Nathan W. Hudson and Brent W. Roberts from the University of Illinois found that the vast majority of people wished they had totally different personalities.

They wanted to change. To be someone else.

I wonder why?

Well. Fuck. Have we not lived our lives being told we’re not good enough? Do we not idolize celebrities and — even more depressingly — influencers on social media? Are we not inundated with images of those we perceive to be perfect? Those we are told we should aspire to? Do we not spend our entire lives desperately seeking approval…

I don’t want to jinx things by writing this article, but need to share my story

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I noticed something when I started taking CBD regularly. Not only was I less anxious, but my migraines virtually went away. Was there any scientific research behind this, or was it all in my head?

According to Healthline,

Research on the use of CBD for migraine is limited. Existing studies look at the combined effects of CBD and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a different cannabinoid. There are currently no published studies that examine the effects of CBD as a single ingredient on migraine.

This limited research is due, in part, to regulations on CBD and obstacles with cannabis legalization. Still, some laboratory…

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Using the Grace of God

When I first became a Christian, I didn’t want to read the Bible at all. I had a friend who asked me to go through the purple book with her, which is a good way for new Christians to start on getting to know what scripture is about. We both got sidetracked with life and eventually, I just gave up.

Fast forward a few years later, I had finished university and was facing the first crisis in my life. I turned to the Bible, in a search for hope, a hope of the supernatural kind.

For anyone that has read…

Hands-on ideas to share with your children day-by-day

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In our month of mindfulness, we have discussed the need for mindfulness, different ways to practice it, and its benefits. But what exactly happened in our brains that made mindfulness effective? Until recently, we knew little about how the mind reacted to mindfulness. But with mindfulness’s increasing popularity, we got many scientists interested and what we found was that mindfulness could profoundly change our brains.

A study showed that after eight weeks of mindful meditation, the amygdala — the brain’s ‘fight or flight’ response center, physically shrinks…

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