Feel like the internet isn’t contributing much to your business efforts?

Ever feel like you’re doing the web — backwards?

Are you … ambivalent about the web?

Don’t really know if you need to invest your energy in the web? Been doing pretty ok without it so far? Feel like you maybe should, but don’t really know how to start?

And social media? Really? People spend way too much time on their phones as it is. You’re better off without all that garbage, right?

I know you.

You’re the successful graphic designer who crafts incredible work for your clients but has a website you put up back in the 90's? The cobbler’s children have no shoes and all that.

You’re the general contractor in a well networked city, and nearly all of your business comes in from word of mouth referrals. Does it matter that your Google My Business listing is not quite up to date?

You might even be the creative young designer, reticent about posting your work or thoughts on social because you’re just not comfortable writing captions. You think you’re not good at it.

Honestly, you can totally still do the web,

However, even given all I know about you, I still believe it’s worth your time and effort to have a well put together presence online. Even if all people are doing is using it to verify your professional presence.

If you’re looking to grow your business into larger contracts, a strong website and modern social presence will inspire confidence in the quality of your work, no matter what it is.

If you’re looking to launch a new idea or product, and 95% of your efforts have gone into doing “The Thing” you are launching, and you now have 5% of your energy left to “do the marketing…”

Especially if you plan strategically, the web can be more of an asset than you realize. And you can ask for it to be low maintenance. Like a good haircut.

You just have to manage your efforts and be strategic about it.

The keys to knowing how to use the web are simple:

  • What do you want the web to do for you?
  • How do you want the people you want to reach to interact with you through the web?
  • Where do you want the web to take you — long term?

For those of you who are really focusing on what you do, rather than carefully cultivating and tending your online presence like a nerdy internet vegetable farmer… Laziness is the key.

One of my favorite characters in all of literature is David Lamb, a.k.a. “the man who was too lazy to fail.” Robert Heinlein wrote this bit brilliantly.

This story concerns a 20th-century United States Navy cadet named David Lamb who rises in the ranks while avoiding any semblance of real work by applying himself enthusiastically to the principle of “constructive laziness”.

How can you apply “constructive laziness” to your online presence? Keep reading.

Simple Digital Marketing Map for the “Doing the Web Backwards” Crowd — TRUST AND VERIFY

Smart Strategy, Low Maintenance Digital Presence is the way to go. See the 6 steps below.

Does this diagram make sense to you? I had to sketch it to show you what I’m talking about.

If this is your business model, then follow these steps to update your online presence.

6 Steps to Setting Up “the Lazy Person’s Web”

  1. Be very clear about who you are, who you serve, and exactly what you do. Present a well designed, well branded, single page website with a few buttons on it. “See Our Work,” and “Contact.”
  2. Pick a single social platform. Whatever makes the most sense. It might be LinkedIn, it might be Instagram. Put up a simple business page with branding that matches your website.
  3. If you’re going for a somewhat dynamic presence, spend some energy posting images or blogs to your social media. Pick your platform based on what kind of content is easiest for you to create.
  4. Or, if you don’t want to mess with all that, make your social page a static reference that sends people to your website.
  5. Get a business card, or pens, or something tangible that will send people to your website. This is for when you have a great conversation with them, and you’d like to guide them to follow up with you.
  6. You might find yourself with a steady flow of leads. Hopefully this is the case. Measure your success by your flow of business.

Your Digital Presence is Just a Tool

Don’t disregard the internet. It might be uncomfortable and you can’t really convince yourself that all the effort around it is worthwhile.

Just make sure you’re approaching it with a purpose. With a well qualified digital marketing professional you can be up to date, accurate, and maybe even heartfelt, all with a minimum of effort, fuss, and huge budget.

Keep Calm and Internet On my friends.