The Best Fitness Instagram account you haven’t heard of yet.

@mrsvikingninja a.k.a. Ida Ødegaard Melland

Viking Ninja Fitness Training is a system of bodyweight and dynamic steel mace exercises designed to strengthen and balance the body and mind.

Ida is the wife of THE Viking Ninja himself Eric “Esik” Melland. With a shared Norse and Korean heritage, this power couple is poised to challenge anyone who wants to get in shape. Their system is different because it’s deeply based on principle, and the brand refuses to wear any masks.

Training for life is no joke. Just lots of hard work, and lots of breaths in and out. They want to see whose flames will really kindle in answer to the call.

What makes Ida’s Insta so powerful?

Uh, the workouts, duh.
She puts really useful, actionable tips in her caption.

This little bodyweight only workout has been challenging me for the past month or so. I finally got to the point where — modified to be slightly easier, I could actually do the 20 minute workout in 25 minutes without any long stops.

I don’t know if I’m spilling her Instagram secrets here…

But I hope she won’t mind.

She’s seriously running the best, most actionable fitness Instagram account for anyone wanting to learn and practice bodyweight training.

Ida is one of VikingNinjaWomen’s collective of powerful women in training.

There are women doing Steel Mace Yoga, Viking Ninja Staff, Nunchaku, and more. Mrs. Ødegaard specializes in the bo staff and of course, mace & bodyweight training.

If you are fairly “body knowledgable” and looking for workouts you can do in your living room or your garage, Ida is your woman. Viking Ninja is an amazing system. If you check it out, let me know what you think.


This is for real btw. Just trying to share the love. Kaia