A new Association to preserve the Purebread Iberian Swines “Ibericus” in the United States

The Ibericus Swine Association (ISA). What does it mean?

Ibericus, is the breed name used exclusive by ISA producer members. Ibericus gives also the name to the new website for ISA: www.iberic.us

Swine, is a general term that includes pigs and hogs (big pigs).

Association, formed by Ibericus swine breeders in the United States, who are committed to protect the Ibericus breed and its special breeding practices.

ISA protects the Ibericus breed by controlling the progeny through genetic proves. Although ISA manages the Ibericus family tree in the U.S., from the original Spanish purebred pioneers, “the flying pigs”.

In addition, ISA certifies to its members with the required “Pig-Friendly Treatment” quality seal. It includes to follow the required farming style of free-range and “Montanera”, and to rise swines completely free of additives, meaning a 100% natural product.

Montanera, as it is called in Spain, corresponds to the final comfortable stage of the swines’ life, the period when the acorns fall from the oaks. Swines graze in the range eating around 15 pounds per day, reaching 300lbs approx. This is what makes the Ibericus Swines a unique quality.

Please visit www.iberic.us for more information, and contact info@iberic.us for any question that you may have.

Thank you.

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