Acornseekers Family is growing!

First birth of the season at Glendower Farm, the Aconrseekers Master Affiliate in Monticello, North Florida.

Another important milestone for Acornseekers. This is the 3rd birth of pure Ibericus Pigs in the Sunshine State, Florida. The 3rd one since Hines Boyd decided to take part on this amazing adventure called Acornseekers.

First birth of the season on Glendower Farm

Hines Boyd is a key person for Acornseekers. He helped us from the very beginning before the project was defined entirely. This gentleman, who is a realtor specialized in farming proprieties, collaborated with Manuel Murga, the co-founder and COO of the company, in searching the best place to raise this extraordinary breed. The first time in history it happens in United States. He is responsible of the placement of Acornseekers in Flatonia, Texas. A paradise in the far west of the Fayette county.

The Texan acorns, raised from the extraordinary Live Oaks, were analyzed and compared with Spanish ones. These acorns are just as good as those of the Spanish oaks trees.

It was such a relief that Hines didn’t doubt to take part of this great adventure. He decided to raise Acornseekers Pigs in his family farm, Glendower Farm. This great facility, owned by Scottish pioneers for eight generations, the outstanding propriety borders with South Georgia. The Boyd relatives are there in the family graveyard, luckily they no longer get up to welcome us!

It is a big honor for us, for all the Acornseekers Family, to announce such a great news. Congratulations Hines and Boyd family! Thank you for join us!

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