Does a Big Fan Really Mean Big Air?

Of course, it does!

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Jun 18 · 3 min read

Does a large fan mean more air? Of course, it does! Large ceiling fans are designed to create comfortable airflow throughout large spaces. Let’s look at exactly how big MacroAir fans work and how you can apply the fans to your specific space.

The Big Science Behind Big Air

By making use of longer, slower-turning, airfoil-shaped fan blades, MacroAir fans move much larger amounts of air more efficiently than a standard high-speed fan. This air column is then pushed downward to the floor by the slow-rotating blades. When it contacts the floor, the air disperses evenly throughout the area. This creates a steady and gentle breeze that effectively cools occupants by circulating air.

Sometimes It’s Okay to Double Dip

Not only do big fans mean big air on their own, but large fans can also be utilized as the perfect complement to HVAC systems as an air circulator fan. MacroAir HVLS ceiling fans reduce energy costs by supplementing air conditioning, which can contribute up to a 20% reduction in energy usage. So any size warehouse can increase or decrease or increase its thermostat by 5° — depending upon winter or summer usage — and would see up to 20% reduction in cooling or heating costs.

The Big Benefits of Big Air

Still Not Sure Which Fan You Need? Let AirViz Show You:

AirViz turns guesswork into an accurate visual through the power of computational fluid dynamics (CFD). A colorful 3D motion video is created, and you can see the pattern and speed of airflow from MacroAir’s large industrial ceiling fans. An accurate picture is painted where you can actually see the big airflow that comes from big fans, even better it’s shown within the dimensions of your own space.

See how many fans you need and where you should install them with an AirViz recommendation.

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