How HP Is Respecting the Environment Through Green Manufacturing Facilities

3D Research & Development Center, Barcelona, Spain: An Onyx Solar Case Study

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Aug 27 · 2 min read
HP Facility Photovoltaic Canopy, Spain.

This BIPV photovoltaic canopy has been installed at the new 3D Research & Development Center at HP Barcelona, becoming one of the largest and most advanced in the digital printing and manufacturing industry on the planet.

HP’s new center, with about 50,000 square meters, will be focused on the development of the printing portfolio, engineering and co-development and R&D of 3D products.

Designed with the direct collaboration of engineers and the R & D division of HP, together with clients and partners, the new installation integrates flexible, interactive, and sustainable designs.

This center reflects HP’s commitment to the environment by incorporating a photovoltaic canopy with Onyx Solar PV glass.

The glass is made of crystalline silicon, measures 2890x730 mm and 2946x730 mm, with a cell density of 73%.

The total area of the installation is around 1000 m² with a total power capacity of 138 kWp. The present invention provides on-site electricity generation and provides the building with a shadow surface for all its workers.

HP’s intention is to continue working with Onyx Solar in future installations to use 100% renewable energy in its global operations over time.

Thanks to the installation of building integrated photovoltaic solutions, Onyx Solar’s solar glass modules has led to the facility reducing 56% of its HVAC demand, with a 76% internal rate of return and a payback period of less than two years.

The flexibility in customization inherent in this ground-breaking technology has enabled this world-class facility to achieve the highest sustainability standards internationally. Yours could be next.

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