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Majd Taby
Majd Taby
Mar 25 · 5 min read

Zero to Darkroom with one tap

What makes Darkroom unique is our deep integration with your photo library. We don’t have a cumbersome import step, and we allow you to freely navigate your library as you edit your photos. Yet this is only valuable though if you use Darkroom as your starting point for browsing and managing photos.

Photo Editing Extension in the Photos App

You can now edit your photos with Darkroom right within the Photos app, or right after capturing a photo, using our Photos Edit Extension. Access the extension from the (…) menu when editing a photo in the Photos app, and you’ll have easy in-place access to the Darkroom editing experience.

Drag & Drop Photos to Darkroom on iPad

Drag & Drop on iPad is one of those feature you just have to try for yourself to see how cool and useful it is. Now photos can be directly dragged and dropped onto the Darkroom library to be imported to your photo library and an editing session will be started. Try it with multiple photos! After you start dragging one photo, use other finger(s) to tap on other images.

Photos made possible by Unsplash & Sara Kerens

From Photos to Darkroom

If you’re in the Photos app and want the full power of Darkroom to edit a photo you’re looking at, we added a new Share Extension which allows you to tap Edit in Darkroom to hand over your photos from the Photos directly to Darkroom for convenient editing, without creating duplicates!

Copy to Darkroom

If you are deep in an app like Dropbox or the Files apps looking for a photo, you can now easily import that photo to your library and edit it in Darkroom using the new Copy to Darkroom button right from the share sheet.

Browse Your Files In Darkroom

The Album Picker gains the ability to launch the native Files app within Darkroom. You can find the new Open button right next to the new Imported smart album which we’ll discuss in more detail below. What’s particularly handy is that the Files app integrates with many third-party storage services which gives you an incredible convenient way to import assets from places like Dropbox right within the app!

Imported Smart Album

With all these photos coming into Darkroom from many different places, we thought it would be useful to provide one convenient place to track all the photos you imported and/or copied into Darkroom. The new Imported smart album in the album picker will include these photos in the order that you imported them.

App-Wide Refinements

Our commitment to refinement never stops. As such we’ve also taken a hard look across the app and added many improvements throughout. For a full list of changes, please refer to our updates page. Some highlights:

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Dispatches From Darkroom

Independent and Bootstrapped