We have moved to our own blog

This will be our last post on Medium, as we have built and moved to our own blog, which you can find at darkroom.co/blog. If you wish to keep receiving updates over email from us, head on over to darkroom.co/subscribe to receive updates from us directly. We now also have an RSS feed available for you at darkroom.co/feed and following us on Twitter or Instagram will also ensure you always receive the latest news right as it happens.

Why move away from Medium?

A lot has been written on this topic already by various people if you do some quick searching. No need for us to be duplicative or comprehensive on this. The main reasons for us are simple:

  1. Medium as a company and product simply isn’t tailoring to our specific needs — When we started using Medium back in 2015 it was state of the art and really easy to setup and use, serving us well. But since then they haven’t evolved the product much at all. And because of their login and paywall have actually made it harder for our customers to reach and read our content.
  2. The traffic and data we generated was benefitting Medium more than ourselves — With every release we work hard to ensure as many of our existing and new customers know about the update. As such we push quite hard to make sure the message reaches as many people as we can through all the channels we have built up over the years. All those people, the page views, the search ranking (since Medium disabled custom domains), and subscribers where directly benefitting Medium and not our own business. With our new blog we regain the benefits from the audience we build.

With our own blog non of these issues are true, as we don’t require login, cookies, or any third party analytics trackers, and we have full control over the experience.

We hope to see you on the other side, please head on over to darkroom.co/blog to make sure you don’t miss out on anything.

The Darkroom Team



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Jasper Hauser

Co-Founder/CDO: @usedarkroom. Product Designer & Strategist. Previously: Design Manager @ FB, Co-founder @ Sofa, Alumni @ Disco & Camino.