A Narrative of the Forum: Q & A

The Berkeley Forum is a non-partisan, student-run organization at UC Berkeley. Established in 2012, the Forum hosts debates, panels, and talks by leading experts from a variety of fields.

Here we have upward of 40 streams of consciousness strung together to make up the pulse of the Forum — what matters to us, what we stand for, what we care about, and what we do. You’ll find that a few words from all of us have been spoken clearly, but what is best of all are the words left to be explored.

The Berkeley Forum Fall 2016 Student Team

What do you do?

In the Forum, I find myself

Thinking, Fast and Slow

Always, we never stop.

Everything, honestly!

Photography and finance,

Tech and programming,

Marketing and internal affairs,

Moderating and communications.

Innovative projects that will give access to invaluable content

The events as they happen

Before they happen

Videos, after they happen

For them, you know, everyone

So those who can’t come still can

I manage and teach

I am managed and I learn

I do research

I craft questions, and then I ask

Hear the speaker answer it, know that I helped shape

A discussion, between us, and for everyone

I watch these events come together

We make them come together

The mission, we chase it

We communicate

Sproul when we should

Spread the word so the word catches wind

Brings people in

Lets them sit

And listen.

What are you like?

I grew up in five different cities

I’m from a really small town in the middle of nowhere

I’m an engineer

I speak Spanish and French

And I only speak English

I grew up in India

And I in Russia

But also the East Coast

I’m an English major

The redwoods feel like home

I love being emerged in nature, I’d hate to imagine a world without ice

I sometimes paint galaxies

The New York Times is everything to me

I intern full time

I just reread all the Harry Potter books

I’m probably going into CS

I grew up in D.C, New York, New Delhi, and New Hampshire

Lately in Dubai, Hong Kong, and Palo Alto

What is it like?

Somehow, the Forum feels like all of those experiences in one

Topical, interesting, intimate

Profound, spectacular, accessible

Dynamic. Challenging. Inspiring.

All of the events, and the big ones are great

And usually the small ones make the biggest dents.

Bollywood music, Russian swears, Arabic nicknames, British candy, Moroccan punctuality

True intellectual debate about the things that really matter

How it stimulates this discourse

With ideas and innovation, like what I see from the steps of the Campanile

Talking of the refugee crisis and presidential candidates

MythBusters and the struggle of diversity in the media

Landmark educators and research beyond words

The promotion of free expression and constant questions

Hilarious anecdotes and contagious energy

This discourse is essential, the commitment to it is real.

The talks are not just from public figures to Berkeley students

There is a fireside-chat quality, a conversation between groups who want to make change

Everyone wants to see progress in play

And those nights at Late Night

Meetings in Wheeler

If you’re interested, have a business card

I see myself growing

This community is informed

It opened my worldview

This is a curious place, with curious people

No question feels impossible with all these perspectives I couldn’t find together anywhere else.

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