#20. Psycho (1960, Alfred Hitchcock)(updated, complete)

The Prediction

Connie Says “The woman will be blond. There will be lots of birds. There is a shower scene. Also, ‘Qu’est que c’est.’

The Film



The Reflection

We are continuing to fail at writing meaningful reflections. But we both really enjoyed Psycho,especially Anthony Perkins’ performance.

Next Up

(originally we drew Bride of Frankenstein (no. 95), but we’ve already seen it. You should revisit the post.)

The Third Man (1949, Carol Reed)

Oh, and this time around I think Dale wins the comment predictions, and not just because he posted his twice.

This article is my 23rd oldest. It is 94 words long, and it’s got 4 comments for now.

From the Peanut gallery

  • Jeff
Oddly, a beach musical, based loosely on Hitchcock’s confused childhood memories of Jack the Ripper stories and Brighton holidays. Janet Leigh and Anthony Perkins signed on after Frankie and Annette passed.
  • Aaron
I don’t know what it’s about, but I do know that it was the inspiration for the Jackass movies. I think I heard that Hitchcock had a feud with many of the actors and he kept trying to get them hurt while filming.
  • Dale
Positronic Shower Yottabyte Cleaning and Handling Operator It’s a sci-fi vehicle to show off how well the automaton can clean blood off bathroom surfaces.
  • Dale