AFI #9 and VV #3 — Vertigo, 1958 (updated)

The Prediction

connie says… “It’s 1958, so it’s going to be boring, but it’s Hitchcock and Stewart, so that kind of blows my mind. Black and white. It’s going to be (Stewart impersonation) “everytime a… every time (she’s really perfecting her Jimmy Stewart here) every time a bell rings, a tinklebell gets its wings.”

We have Hitchcock 1958, this is a film that stars jimmy stewart who has become my bedroom companion. he’s in a lot of these movies.

This film is about mental illness. His perceptions of the world are not understandable. He’s going to go to a psychiatrist. It’s going to be really scary.”

The Film

The Response

I know Connie said something clever, but I don’t remember what it was.

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