Singin’ in the Rain (1952, Stanley Donen)

American Film Institute #5

As always, feel free to make your predictions in the comments, but remember, no spoilers for Connie.

The Prediction

I wish I could do this prediction in Microsoft Paint. I won’t like it. It’s going to be so PG and they are going to sing and tap-dance all over the place and ugh [At this point, Connie mimed a jig while twirling an imaginary umbrella]. In the rain, back out of the rain, in the rain, and then they’ll get married at the end. I also think that man is going to talk in that Christmas Voice. [By this, I think she means Jimmy Stewart ala It’s a Wonderful Life but we can’t be sure.]

I have no idea why it’s great. [long pause] Maybe it was the first musical in a theater.

Something tells me I don’t know as much about this film as I think I do, because watching a couple white people tap dance in the rain, is not an important movie. Is it the first movie that tackled adoption? I have no idea. Was it an early Blair Witch Project “let’s take a camera into the rain and see what happens?”

I will only watch this film with a martini.

The Film

Her first comment (outside of an observation that the opening title would be a good instagram post - you can follow connie at @cmeridesbikes) was “overacting by the extras.”

She’s really getting into the vaudville scenes. She’ll be tap dancing herself by the end of the night. She says “I do that move in my gym class.”

She finds the first core premise of the movie. “So this is another movie about Hollywood… So he’s a stuntman…”

And she stumbles onto the 2nd core premise of the movie… “The women don’t talk.”

13:10 minutes in (She speaks!) (I wish everyone could see Connie’s face at this moment).

(Debbie Reynolds character may very well be Connie in her 20s).

23:06. After she jumps out of the cake… “I’m sexually confused by those hats…. It’s theater vs. Hollywood personified by these women.”

(it’s a bit crazy to me that the pivotal romantic song is so unbelievable forgetably both lyrically and melodically. Easily the most forgetable tune in the film. The friendship between Don Lockwood and Cosmo Brown is SOOOOOOO much more compelling… but the dance is nice.) Connie says its reminiscent of early Tamil films, but the chronology here would be worth exploring in more sober detail).

(I kind of want to just hashtag the whole movie #caps and #vests)

57 minutes in… Connie has the hiccups and has started thinking about sleep.

“It’s out of sync. you don’t have to say ‘synchronization.”

huh… they are drinking milk and eating sandwiches after the disastrous screening.

Every damned scene with Debbie Reynolds is fantastic.

(despite her interest, Connie (one again) has fallen asleep. She claims to want to watch the rest in the morning. stay tuned for a live blog of the last 28 minutes.)

The response

“Well,” she says as they kiss in front of the billboard. It wasn’t “Suspiria

Next up

In an unexpected twist, our next film will be “Borat! Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan” Number 11 on the BFIs best films of the 2000s list.