Welcome back to the film project (2013 edition)

*editors note: Our birthday viewing of Holy Motors has inspired us to jump start the film project. You can get familiarized and catch up with past viewings by checking out the about page. You can also look at the progress we’ve made in the posts below. (unfortunately the comments and images haven’t yet made it over to the new site). Essentially, it works like this.

  1. we randomly choose a film from the Village Voice’s Best Films of the 20th Century list.
  2. Connie makes a prediction based solely on the title. What is the movie about? Why is it important or great?
  3. Anyone else who doesn’t know anything about the film can add their prediction in the comments.
  4. We get together with some friends and some cocktails to watch the film (The motto is “The screen is small. The films are good. So are the drinks.)
  5. We reflect upon the film
  6. We pick another film and schedule a time to do it again.

It’s fun.

Originally published at posts/welcome-back-to-the-film-project.

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