5 lies society tells you

1. Life gets harder

You most probably have been told this phrase when nearing the end of secondary school or college.

“This is the easy part, wait until you go into the real world.”

While being an adult is certainly harder than having your parents cater for your needs, what they do not tell you is that you also get wiser, stronger and smarter.

So no, life does not get harder. In fact, it gets easier; you are more able to tackle challenges, overcome fears and enjoy life.

Life gets harder only when you believe that it does. And it’s not that life will get harder; rather you will stagnate in your personal growth and you will be under equipped to tackle life’s challenges and problems.

2. There is a predetermined destiny awaiting you

The decisions you make today and the actions you take determine what kind of tomorrow you’ll have. You are responsible for what your future looks like. You have the power to turn it into a series of regrets or an inspiring success story. The choice is all yours.

3. Positivity only brings more disappointment

A beautiful quote sums up the truth about this lie;

When the ground falls out from below, those heavy with worries fall with it. Those light with hope float on until they find stable ground.

Being pessimistic about something does not lessen disappointment when things do not go as planned. Positivity on the other hand, brings more hope, not disappointment.

4. Other people are always thinking/talking about you

One of the most common weaknesses among people is worrying what other people think or say about them. But exactly how much do you think other people dwell on your affairs? The answer, not very long.

People have their own things to worry about and even the gossipy ones have scores of other people to gossip. Whether it is your physical features you are worried about, an embarrassing mistake you did or just a general fear of other’s opinions - remember that others do not have much time to dwell on it. Of course they may bring it up now and then but just for a few minutes and then they are on to other people’s lives.

The point here is, stop worrying what others think; they are probably not thinking about you at all.

5. Money will make you happier

Many people will readily agree that money cannot buy happiness and yet we secretly think that we will be happier when we are richer.

I want you to go to Google search and type “quora wealthy”. You will get a bunch of results directing you to questions people have asked on Quora.com. Most of these questions are people asking how it feels to be a billionaire/millionaire.

I have gone through tons of these questions and almost all the wealthy people who answer have one conclusion; money did not add to my happiness.

Sure, money has its perks; you buy nice things, you go to nice places and you can change the world. But in the area that matters most, happiness, it does not make an impact.

You won’t feel any different when you are in a mansion as you are feeling right now in your one-bedroom apartment. After a short burst of excitement, driving a Porsche feels no different from driving a regular Toyota. You quickly get used to it.

If you are not happy right now, none of that will change when you are rich. In fact, you could be more unhappy. Happiness is a fire that lights from within and made brighter by those you love.

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