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There are many alternatives when it comes to finding an IPTV list player but most of them do not work correctly or are expensive, you can even find some in which a subscription is required to access functionalities as necessary as updating the content of the list.

In this article I bring you 4 of the best apps that I have tried starting with the best known IPTV Smarters on the market and ending with an unknown but powerful Red IPTV app.

Let us begin!

IPTV Smarters

It is probably the most used app on the market. With a friendly graphical interface that allows users to easily move between the options offered by your IPTV list.

We can find it for various platforms such as Android, Windows and Ios.

Although it supports a large number of video formats, it is true that on some occasions I have had to open the selected video with another app in order to play it.


When I went to paste the link of the app on Google Play I find that it has been withdrawn due to a complaint from the Spain Soccer League.


Like IPTV Smarters, GSE is an app with more than proven stability, even though its interface is not so friendly.

Available for both Android and Ios and for smartphones, tablets and Smart TV devices.
Some time ago you could find this app for free on both Android and Ios but currently it is paid. For android it has an acceptable price of €2.69, be careful because you will find apps with similar names but the authentic one is not free. For Ios its price skyrockets since it is at €5.99, it is not surprising since there are few good apps for Ios.

IPTV Blink Player

With the interface in the style of IPTV Smarters, this app allows us to enjoy our with great ease and accepting a wide variety of formats. In my case, I started using this app because I couldn’t play some content on IPTV Smarters.

Although it does not have a version for Ios, we can install it on our smart TVs by installing the apk from its website. To say that on their website they also offer you the possibility of creating a custom app at a reasonable price.


And finally we come to the great unknown!!!

Red IPTV is one of those little wonders that you come across without wanting to. Continue with the IPTV Smarters style but much simpler, with fewer buttons, just what is necessary to enjoy your list.

Currently available only for Android devices, but unlike IPTV Blink Player, all its versions, both smartphones and TVs, are available in the Play Store and also in the Amazon appstore. Hopefully it will be soon for Ios and when it is I will modify the article to let you know. As promised, I modify the article to let you know that the app is now available for iOS and can even be found in the Huawei App Gallery.

At the moment I have not had any problem when playing different contents.

But the big difference between Red IPTV and the other applications is found in its premium version, since it allows us to download the content from our list to be able to enjoy it offline. And its premium version is priced at €2.99, which is more than reasonable to have this feature.



Red IPTV Premium

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