Comma Creator of the Week: Vivian

Every week we want to honor one of the amazing creators in the Comma community! This week’s creator of the week is Vivian! Follow here here!

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About Vivian

I’m a high school student! I love reading and writing but want to pursue a career in STEM and/or business. Collecting stationary is a hobby of mine (I have too many pens and notebooks), and I spend a little too much time on the internet. I love sweets and I adore anything that’s strawberry flavored. I also like to listen to K-pop, but I have no jams (sorry, bad inside joke).

Advice For Other Students:

I can be generic and say that grades don’t define you, but to be honest, I’m dependent on my grades to get me into college, so I’m not really one to say that grades don’t matter (I’m a big nerd).

The best advice I can give to other students is to live a bit. Don’t give up on your studies or extracurricular activities, but relax and let loose just a tad bit. Make sure that you still work hard and whatnot, but find time to hang out with friends and do things you want to do. Don’t center your life around your resume for college; you’ll reflect back on your high-school years and wish that you had done this or that, so do this or that so you don’t regret not doing it later down the road.

Granted, I’m not old enough to give advice to anybody who’s older than a high-school student, so take my words with a grain of salt, but I’d say the same probably goes for college students and whatnot. Do what makes you happy.

Comma Post I’m Most Proud Of

Personally, I’m really proud of “what i want to do with my life”, but that’s my least-popular story. In terms of humor, “top ten things to experience at robotics competitions” is a favorite of mine too.

Why do you like Comma?

I like Comma because it’s a quick, easy way to make a story and share it with plenty of other people! The community is warm and it’s a unique platform whose concept I haven’t really seen anywhere else on the internet. It’s just unique and it’s a fun place for me to drop off ideas without fear of being judged by others too much.

Tips for others who join Comma

Make a story about anything you want! I promise you, it won’t be out of place here. No matter what vibe you get from Comma, any and all types of stories have a place here, be it a “what i want out of life” list or a story of pick-up lines (both ends of the spectrum mentioned here are stories that I’ve written too!).

Thanks so much to the staff at Comma (and especially @sydney) for reaching out to me, making me feel welcome, and asking me to do this interview — I’m super honored to be a participant and to be a member of this awesome site! Keep up the great work :)

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