3 Quick Tips to Harness Your Creativity Today

Everyone has the ability to create.

In fact, there’s a strong argument that the need to create is inherent in all of us. The question is: How do you mold it?

How can you strengthen your creativity, whether it’s for work or hobbies, and how can you focus that creativity into something constructive?

Despite how creative you may feel, these are probably questions we all deal with.

So here are a few quick tips to help you harness your creativity, so that you can come up with more creative, more helpful ideas more often.

1. Consume more.

Let’s go back to that lesson Sesame Street and our parents always tried to teach us.

Put good in, get good out.

Creativity is essentially taking what you know — what you’ve seen, learned, or experienced — and building upon it.

So if you want to be creative, or more constructive with your creativity, you need more of something to build upon.

What you should consume depends on your niche. Maybe you should read more novels, keep up with certain blogs, follow reporters, watch more films, read research reports, or any of a million other things.

Any way you choose, you need to put good in to get good out. So consume more good things!

2. Sit quietly and think.

You probably know someone who’s a creative mess. Someone who’s all over the place all the time, yet has very “creative” ideas. Maybe you even admire them for their creativity!

The funny thing is, those who are more successful tend to have a surprising amount of clarity in what they create.

They’re able to focus, and to home in on an idea in order to make the most of it. You don’t get that kind of clarity by being scattered!

So what gives? How do you get that kind of clarity?

Well, it’s easier than you think. And that’s exactly what you need to do — think!

Picture your mind as a funnel. And everything going on around you is a hose pouring into that funnel.

There’s so much going on in your world that’s constantly pouring into your mind, and at a rate far quicker than you can process.

If you don’t stop the hose that’s pouring in from time to time, your funnel will runneth over, and you’ll become burned out or overwhelmed (or both). By then, you’re no good to anyone until you take a break!

Regular quiet time away from all that’s going on turns off the hose. It lets your mind process everything that’s already in it!

In order to empty the funnel and gain clarity in your ideas (i.e. in order for your creativity to be useful), you have to turn off the hose.

Sitting and thinking — maybe for an hour a day, maybe longer — allows you to better process what’s been going on, and to focus on making the most out of a few key ideas instead of trying to process the entire world all at once.

3. Practice.

The brain is a wonderful, adaptable organ.

Your genetics and personality almost don’t matter when it comes to creativity! If you practice creative exercises, by yourself or with a group, you’ll develop and strengthen your creativity.

Problem solving, writing, constructing, brainstorming, and developing (among a host of others) are all great exercises for practicing and improving your creativity.

Creativity is just like anything else — like sports, or cooking. The more you do it, the better you become.

Sure, some people are “naturally gifted,” but it can still become one of your skills.

When you begin consuming more, taking time to process what you’re consuming, and practicing creative exercises, you’ll be able to harness your creativity like the best of them!