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The best stories about stock markets, money, and personal finance

Tesla stops accepting Bitcoin payments due to environmental concerns — and gave us invaluable investing lessons

Elon Musk Tesla suspends bitcoin payments due to environmental concerns. Bad for bitcoin

Elon Musk is unarguably one of the greatest minds on Earth today. He might not have started Tesla but has been a key factor in driving the company’s success.

Yet over the period, he’s got this knack of getting into trouble — especially through his notorious tweets. Tesla private at…

Regardless of how the endgame pans out, the stock market won’t be the same again

GameStop Short Squeeze Robinhood halts. Black Swan of the WallStreet due to WallStreetBets Reddit

Less than a year ago, nobody was talking about GameStop. The well-known company was struggling to pivot its physical game store business as the Big Tech was capitalizing on online game sales.

With the stock price dropping to $2 during the March-April lows of 2020, Wall Street was all but…

WallStreetBets started an insane short squeeze of the world’s largest video game retailer stock

GameStop is totally screwed.

GameStop will be to gamers what Hot Topic was to goth kids.

GameStop is a dying retailer in a dying market.

If they’re not bankrupt in a year I’ll get a GameStop tattoo.

GME is in financial trouble and is about to get hit hard.


Besides the weakened U.S dollar there’s a lot more going in Bitcoin’s favor

Bitcoin ended its bear run from a 12 month low in March 2020 to an all-time high above $23,000 by mid-December.

By the end of 2020, there was a lot of conjecture surrounding the wild rally of Bitcoin. …

Bulls and Bears

The best stories about stock markets, money, and personal finance

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