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Melissa Gilmour
The Big Exchange
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3 min readAug 27, 2021


by Liz Rees, Impact Analyst, The Big Exchange

We are delighted to offer the following new funds, from well-known firms, bringing more opportunities to invest for positive impact alongside financial returns. All have gone through our rigorous impact assessment and been awarded Big Exchange medals.

The Schroder Global Transition Fund, which received a gold medal, targets companies involved in the transition towards lower carbon sources of energy. To warrant inclusion they must generate at least half their revenue from activities contributing to the transition or playing an important role in facilitating it. Areas of investment include lower carbon energy production, storage and distribution, sustainable transport, supply chain material providers, and technology companies.

Silver medal rated Schroder Global Sustainable Growth Fund invests across broad range of themes such as ageing populations and evolving consumer and industrial trends. Companies must demonstrate high standards of social and operational practices and a dedicated sustainability team conduct thorough analysis to monitor performance. Half the portfolio is invested in solutions that align with several of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), notably SDG 9 (Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure), SDG 3 (Good health and Well-Being) and SGD 1 (No Poverty). *

Schroder Global Cities Real Estate Fund, also silver medal rated, draws on the proprietary ‘Schroders Global Cities Index’ to analyse environmental, economic, innovation and transport impact for each major city. The fund manager then assesses the environmental and social characteristics of the universe of real estate companies, their operational practices, and the sustainability of their location. Investments are made in those which operate efficiently in the most environmentally and economically sustainable cities, in line with SDG 11, Sustainable Cities and Communities. *

The gold-medal rated Baillie Gifford Positive Change Fund may appeal to those looking for a high growth style of investing. The managers see great opportunities in a ‘technological golden age’, bringing about major changes in industries from healthcare to energy. They focus on four impact themes: social inclusion and education; environment and resource needs; healthcare and quality of life; and the base of the pyramid (services for people on low incomes). This fund seeks opportunities worldwide to build a high conviction, concentrated portfolio of companies which offer a significant improvement to the status quo, and conduct business with honesty and integrity.

For investors wanting to diversify, bronze medal rated JPM Emerging Markets Sustainable Equity Fund, provides access to an experienced team. JPMorgan Asset Management has regionally based analysts, providing vital local knowledge of social, economic, and cultural drivers. The aim is to identify sustainable businesses or those showing improving sustainability characteristics. Emerging Markets have a reputation for lower ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) standards than developed markets and the managers look for effective governance and best-in-class management of environmental and social issues. Holdings include companies making a positive difference in areas such as financial inclusion, contributions to local communities and pollution control.

*Big Exchange Impact Assessment, April 2021.

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