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Gender Reality

Gender Stereotypes Painting by Jess Linden (Source)

I could be a she, I could be a he,

I could be anyone I believe to be.

because, gender,

is not my reality.

I could grow my hair till my knees

or I could shave it all , go bald .

Defying social norms,

happily, proud ,with glee.

Because gender is not my reality.

I wake up on days and detest my body.

I don’t like being a woman, because,

some days, I feel too strongly.

I go to sleep some days, wishing I was a man

so I could avoid being scanned,

everytime I walk out the door,

looking glam.

But I am more than my skin,

crumbling like the stone beneath your feet

I’m more than my name,

I’m more that my job description,

I’m more than your perception.

and I’m way ahead of the gender bias conviction.

I could be a prisoner of this world’s reality

or I could be the breaker of laws,

that defy me from living freely.

I could be the co-pilot

of some one else’s vehicle of dreams,

or I could accelerate my own, at a customised speed.

I could be a man and cook you the best meal.

I could be the woman who rides you behind my bullet 350 cc.

I could be neither of those and still breathe the same atmosphere,

In which u exist.

Because gender is not my reality.

Gender should not define you and me.

It can be altered between he or she.

Now there are more pronouns to define how we feel.

Have you heard of Ze?

In the end, it’s all about how we chose to exist.

He, She or Ze,

I could be anyone I believe to be

Because gender will never be my reality.



Understanding society, culture, identity and politics, through 'content un-confinement' in form of art, words, and poetry.

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