How Kellyanne Conway’s daughter brought down the Trump administration

Today, we were visited by the shambling ghost of awkward historic parallel, as Donald Trump left the hospital and appeared on a balcony, removing his mask and wobbling back inside. MSNBC called the tableau his “Mussolini moment”, and CNN labelled it “something out of North Korea”.

While it’s worth mentioning that he removed his mask while in possession of the virus, the general vibe is that he’s fine. To that end, Donald Trump took to Twitter to proclaim that we shouldn’t be afraid of COVID and/or let it control our lives. So, all is well?

Well, no. Claudia, the teenage daughter of Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s campaign manager, has poured the gasoline of doubt all over proceedings, logging into TikTok to call bullshit.

“He is so ridiculous. Apparently, he is doing badly lol and they are doing what they can to stabilise him…guys lmao he’s not doing better,” she wrote, suggesting the lengths doctors went to in order to release him from the hospital.

Reviewing the footage through the prism of her jest, and it’s easy to giver her the benefit of the doubt.

Claudia, however, didn’t stop there. Two days earlier, she took to the platform to discuss her mother’s positive COVID test. Writing, “she also lied to me today and said her test was negative when it literally wasn’t and I spent all day around her.”

Now, it may be easy to dismiss her, but despite her chosen platform and her age, she’s something that we’ve been longing for, a source of information within the walls of the White House. It may be difficult to confirm, but at least it exists outside the Trump narrative.

As one member of the Twitterati suggested, “Claudia Conway could break the watergate scandal but Woodward and Bernstein couldn’t figure out TikTok.”



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